Why Your Law Firm’s Online Marketing Stopped Working

Every law firm thinks it won’t happen to them. They’ve got a guy, you see. He set them up with a website, said he’d link them across the internet, and helped them to create a blog. And yet, the inevitable seems to happen. The law firm’s website’s rank drops severely. The phone stops ringing like it used to, and you have fewer clients seeking your services. What happened?
If your attorney marketing is failing, you have some big changes to make. Let’s investigate what may have killed your online attorney marketing and see how you may be able to turn it all around.

What Killed Your Online Marketing Efforts

If your online marketing has come to a near grinding halt, you could be experiencing problems with your search engine optimization (SEO.) Your website could have been penalized and your positive marketing efforts rendered useless. Are you guilty of any of the following sins:

Your site duplicates content. Google’s Panda update began to penalize websites for duplicating their content. Search engines get confused when the exact same content appears in multiple places. Search engines aren’t sure which source should be displayed as primary, so it drops both websites’ rankings lower and hides the repetitive content.

Your site is keyword stuffed. Search engines value content because internet users value content. When a site has pages that are so full of keywords that it’s unreadable or is no longer informative, the site is penalized.

Your site is full of risky back links. Back links are part of what determines a site’s ranking in search engines. The more a site has from trusted sources, the better it appears. But when SEO companies get lazy and use link farms, suspicious links, or spammy links, search engines respond by penalizing your site.

You forgot to update your site. Sometimes, law firms’ sites don’t have any egregious or risky SEO blunders on their sites. But they’ve forgotten that SEO is a continuous process, not a onetime endeavor. If your law firm’s site no longer ranks highly, your competitors could have taken over your once enviable position.

You don’t engage in public relations. Press releases are the best tool at a law firm’s disposal. Press releases and articles in the press are the best SEO out there. These not only provide your law firm with great buzz, but it also provides high quality links for your site to drive up your rankings.

How Your Law Firm Can Take Back Control and Increase its Rankings

After a thorough review of your law firm’s website problems, you should consult a skilled attorney marketing firm with comprehensive SEO capabilities. It can be difficult for a law firm to recover from drops in rankings without professional guidance. Attorney marketers stay ahead of the SEO curves and can recommend content and link procedures to shoot your law firm back up into the top echelon. Recover your leads and recover your place among the search engines’ most recommended law firms.