What Potential Clients Are Looking For in a Law Firm

Competitive Legal Arena

In the United States, there are over one million licensed attorneys- and thousands of students are graduating law school every year. It is no wonder that the legal field is becoming increasingly competitive by the minute.

With the recession in full effect, less people are willing to hire legal assistance for their issues. It may be difficult to compete against other attorneys who offer the same services and possess the same level of skill. How does one law firm or attorney manage to stand above the rest? And better yet, what are potential clients looking for when searching for legal aid?

What People Are Looking For

To generate more leads and gain new clients, your law firm must understand what potential clients are searching for. Read the following to best understand the areas that need to be fulfilled:

  • Expertise: Potential clients want to know that their attorney is completely knowledge in the practice area they are hiring them for. No one wants to hire an attorney who doesn’t have the necessary expertise to successfully represent them. The best way to illustrate your tremendous expertise is by writing articles and posting blogs that illustrate your legal intelligence. You can answer questions and offer helpful legal advice to best portray your intellect and knowledge. When a potential client sees this, he or she will be more likely to hire your services.
  • Positive Testimonials: We cannot stress enough the importance of positive testimonials. Regardless of where the review is posted (Yelp or Google reviews), you are more likely to generate new clients with positive testimonials. People will be more willing to speak to you if they know someone else has had a positive experience.
  • Image: As much as we hate to say it: image is everything. The image you portray online is the first impression that your potential clients will have of you. Offering an innovative brand and an upbeat image will influence your prospective client’s decision.
  • Connection: One of the most important factors that a client is looking for is connection. If a client is suffering from a car accident injury or a dog bite incident, they will be more likely to hire you if they read a testimonial from a past client who suffered from a similar accident. If a prospective client can relate to one of your previous cases, they will be more interested in your services. Post articles about diverse cases that your law firm was able to win.

Attorney Marketing Services

Succeeding in all of these aspects can greatly help your law firm gain new clients. However, posting important testimonials and content can only go so far if you are not using search engine optimization for your attorney website. What good is posting all this helpful content if no one will be able to see it?

Luckily, our internet marketing specialists can create a marketing campaign for your law firm. At eLaw Attorney Marketing we will be able to create a fully optimized website for your firm with impressive content and blogs. For a free consultation regarding all your attorney marketing needs, contact our office today.