What Happened to Your Attorney Marketing Content Strategy

Over the past year, as search engines have continued to update their algorithms to offer internet users a more personal experience, content has become increasingly important to that experience. In today’s information rich environment, it’s clear that content marketing is extremely important to attorney marketing to draw community members to your website. Advertising or interruption marketing is falling further out of favor and in its place is a community focused approach to inbound traffic.

Attorney marketers who want to capitalize on this trend need to be engaging in regular content marketing. But if you don’t have a content marketing strategy in place, you could be missing out. According to internet researchers Econsultancy, only 38% of internet marketers have a content marketing strategy in place, leaving 62% of companies to publish content willy nilly. Having a strategy in place is critical to keep your law firm posting on schedule and in the areas you’ve identified as critical to attracting new business. If your law firm is still toying with ideas, consider the following ways in which you can develop a solid content marketing strategy.

How to Develop Your Attorney Marketing Content Strategy

Content marketing is a huge field within attorney marketing. As a valuable tool for inbound community marketing, content marketing seeks to draw users to your website by publishing items that internet users will find valuable and click worthy. This could include a variety of content from internet videos to guest blogs, your own website’s blogs, whitepapers, Ebooks, pictures, you name it. The idea behind content marketing is to create content which internet visitors will stumble upon in their daily internet searches and draw them to your website. To do this, we suggest developing a cohesive content marketing strategy using these techniques:

• Identify your desired internet user. A critical first step to any solid marketing strategy is identifying the segment of your audience that you want to target. The general public is not an appropriate audience because you will waste your efforts trying to appeal to all people at once. Marketing 101 tells you that you must segment your audience to develop content that appeals to your desired customer. Think of who you want to target. Are you a personal injury attorney? You are likely looking for people who have had an accident that was caused by someone else. You are not looking for just any injured person. Instead, you want someone who was in an accident that was the result of a negligent party’s actions. And within that group, you’ll likely be looking for people who have been seriously hurt, not just people who slipped, fell, got a bruise and moved on with life. Define your target audience in order to craft your content marketing strategy.

• Identify where your target audience hangs out. Where do you find people who have been injured in accidents? It’s likely that you will find these people in a variety of places- forums discussing car repairs, social media networks, legal advice websites, directories, you name it. People who have been hurt badly enough to seek out a lawyer are likely looking in a variety of places for a personal injury lawyer. Identify these places and optimize your content to attract their attention.

• Decide upon your messaging positioning. With your audience and mediums in mind, it’s time to decide what your market positioning will be. How will you position yourself in the market to capture internet users’ attention? What kind of messaging will you use? What image do you want internet visitors to come away with?

• Decide what kind of content to post. How will you be supporting your attorney marketing? What kinds of content are you going to publish to gain internet users’ attention? Will you be providing downloads of Ebooks? Will you be creating parody videos, legal advice articles, commentary on legal issues, or blog about legal non sequiturs? Develop a clear idea of what it is you’re going to use to draw people to your website. Don’t just wing it or you may become frustrated and abandon the process altogether.

• Identify a schedule for posting your content. One of the most important pieces of your content marketing strategy is to identify your posting schedule. How often will you publish your blogs, social media posts, videos, Ebooks, whitepapers, pictures? If you don’t have a regular schedule, you could be missing out on opportunities to regularly draw internet visitors to your website. Consider a weekly schedule at minimum that allows your law firm to capture the attention of internet visitors.

• Dive in and get posting! With your strategy in mind, it’s time to put it into action. Attorney marketing isn’t just theoretical- it’s a practice. And practice you must to gain those coveted internet visitors. With a clear idea of what you’ll be doing, where, and how frequently, you’ll be more apt to stick to the plan. If you forget, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just try to remember later and make another attempt at your attorney marketing.

Remember, content marketing is a reflection of what you put into it. Internet users today are savvy. They can tell when attorney marketing isn’t genuine. And they can tell the difference between a law firm that communicates a user’s importance over their own firm’s importance. When you develop a clear attorney marketing content marketing strategy, you take out a lot of the guess work and are better able to attract the clients you want.