What are the Top Social Media Sites for Your Law Firm?

Law firms have notoriously eschewed social media sites. But with millions of consumers actively present on social media sites, social media is becoming a new space for businesses like law firms to attract new clients. Attorneys are increasingly seeing the value that social media can provide to their law firm. With over 150 social media sites online, it can be tempting to join as many as possible in order to try and maintain a significant online presence. However, if your law firm is spreading itself too thin, you may be missing out on other tools to publicize your firm. Instead, find out the top sites your law firm could be using to attract consumer attention. Help your attorney marketing reach more consumers by joining social media networks to benefit your law firm.

Social Media by the Numbers

According to Ebiz and Alexa, there are 15 top social media sites competing for between 4 million and 750 million unique visitors per month. But not all of these social media sites are necessarily appropriate for your law firm. Let’s first find out which sites rank the best. In order, the following social media sites attract the most unique visitors per month:

• Facebook, 750 mil. visitors
• Twitter, 250 mil. visitors
• LinkedIn, 110 mil. visitors
• Pinterest, 85.5 mil. visitors
• Myspace, 70.5 mil. visitors
• Google Plus, 65 mil. visitors
• Deviant Art, 25.5 mil. visitors
• Live Journal, 20.5 mil. visitors
• Tagged, 19.5 mil. visitors
• Orkut, 17.5 mil. visitors
• Cafe Mom, 12.5 mil. visitors
• Ning, 12 mil. visitors
• Meetup, 7.5 mil. visitors
• myLife, 5.4 mil. visitors
• Multiply, 4 mil. visitors

Which Sites Could Benefit Your Law Firm

Of the top 15 social media sites, there are a variety of ways a law firm can attract clients. The traffic to these social media sites is very diverse. But depending on your niche area of law, you could use a variety of social media sites to disseminate your attorney marketing materials and to connect with potential clients. Consider the following social media sites for your law firm’s attorney marketing:

• Facebook- popular with both women and men, consumers enjoy this network so much they also use it as a search method and as a method of evaluating businesses
• Twitter- primarily a method for breaking and sharing news, Twitter is popular among both men and women and is a great way to disseminate your attorney marketing to a variety of consumers
• LinkedIn- a professional network, LinkedIn offers your law firm a great way to network within your own industry to obtain referral business although relatively few consumers actually search LinkedIn for businesses to use
• Pinterest- extremely popular with women, Pinterest has become the newest rising star of the social media world. Businesses have flocked to the site to catch consumers’ attention
• Google Plus- offering the ability to push your attorney marketing content higher in the rankings, Google Plus can both connect you to your potential clients and gain you new viewers
• Reddit- while Reddit did not make the list, this is a great social media site to share content that will reach individuals that are largely older professionals
• Live Journal- similar to Reddit, this social media site can help your law firm to connect to its users and to share your attorney marketing content

If your law firm is struggling to use social media effectively, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing for help! We can put you onto a variety of social media networks and help you to attract new clients in no time.