Website Mistakes to Avoid that Drive Your Search Rankings Down

If you’re engaged in online attorney marketing, your website’s ranking in search engines is critical. Essentially, you are seeking to attract as much traffic to your website as possible in the hopes that you will be able to convert this traffic to paying clients. According to Google, the top 3 results in searches attract 80% of traffic. This means that if you’re only ranking 7th or if you’re not even on the first page, you’re not gaining the traffic that your business deserves. Rankings are therefore extremely competitive. To continuously rank highly, you need to approach your attorney marketing strategically.

Don’t Fall For Flashy Gimmicks- Do it Right

When it comes to your attorney marketing, you can’t afford to do it wrong. If you fall for the newest flashy gimmick, you could be flashing your way lower in the rankings. Search engines seek to provide results which are valuable to users. If you’re providing too much flash and not enough substance, you could be suffering as a result. Let’s examine the common mistakes that can drive your website’s rankings down:

You’ve duplicated content. Duplicate content confuses search engines. And instead of naturally knowing that your website is the source of this content, search engines instead drive your rankings down as a punishment. Instead of repeating the same content on your website, try presenting the material in a fresh and new approach.
You’re linking to low quality websites. Search engines crawl pages and include the links as an estimate of your website’s value. If you’re linking to low quality sites, search engines will count you among them. Remember the old adage that birds of a feather flock together? Search engines believe it and actively punish websites that link to low quality or spam sites.
You’ve used keyword stuffing and hidden text. When Google changed their algorithms, the loophole that keyword stuffing sought to exploit was closed. Sites that engage in keyword stuffing are now penalized because they are seen as lacking in value to internet users.
You’ve got too much flash. Is your website built entirely around flash? These are not search engine friendly because search engine spiders have trouble reading the code. When these spiders can’t read your code, your site isn’t going to be indexed properly.
You’re not attracting traffic to your website. If you’ve had your site for years and you still attract low numbers of visitors to your website, then search engines will rank you lower. Because of the low number of visitors, search engines naturally conclude that your site has no content of value. Focus on attracting traffic to help boost your ranking.

With this knowledge in mind, you can clean up your website and start ranking higher. Get the rankings you deserve to obtain the clients you need.