Want More Clients? Get Social!

Social media is quite the contentious issue among attorneys. Some view it as a kid’s space, a space to have fun. And some law firms will shout to the mountain tops that their social media has been quite valuable to their attorney marketing. The truth is, your social media space is what you make of it. But if your law firm isn’t present in the places your clients hang out online, your attorney marketing could be suffering.

Consider social media as a method to promote your law firm’s good works, to communicate with potential clients, and to stimulate discussion. While attorney social media pages generally aren’t the hotbed of conversation that other business pages enjoy, you can still benefit from using social media. The trick is knowing how to make your social media work for your attorney marketing. Let’s put on our attorney marketer hats and find out how to use social media to gain the clients your law firm needs.

Work Social Media to Gain More Clients

There are hundreds of social media networks online ranging from discussion and news based sites to visual media sites. Among those, the top 5 social media sites attract millions of unique visitors, referring more traffic to websites than search engines alone. Savvy law firms have decided they want a piece of this traffic and have signed onto social media networks. However, few have made social media work for them. Many put up a profile and neglect it, expecting miracles to happen. Some law firms publish stale content on a yearly or semi- annual basis. And again nothing happens. If your law firm is using social media in these ways, then it’s time you got a crash course on using social media for your attorney marketing.

Post frequently to attract the attention of your desired clients. If your law firm is only posting yearly, or bi-annually, then you aren’t going to attract much attention. In fact, the odds are this facet of your attorney marketing will be lagging as your content gets lost in the noise. Don’t find yourself cast out into obscurity.
Engage with your fans. Nothing appeals to consumers more than a business which takes the time to reach out to them personally. When you engage in personal conversation with your fans, you encourage their interaction, and this shows in their news feed, exposing you to their group of friends and followers. This is great for your attorney marketing because it highlights your law firm and makes consumers think fondly of your personalized approach.
Infotain your potential clients. Infotainment is the newest and most valuable form of content marketing. This combines both informing consumers and entertaining them. When you post infographics on your social media, you hit consumers with the one two punch of attorney marketing. You establish yourself as highly knowledgeable and you entertain your clients with interesting graphics. Infotainment does extremely well these days among consumers and boosts your attorney marketing content.
Visually communicate with your clients! Consumers love visuals. According to Facebook, posts including pictures enjoy an estimated 65% more traffic and engagement. It’s easy to get visual. Post a team pic and caption it with a reference to how your law firm is working for its clients. Post visuals of your attorneys in action, your involvement in the community… The ideas are endless. Visual marketing is a crucial component of your attorney marketing and should be at the core of your social media strategy.
Personalize your page. Consumers love to see who’s behind the law firm. This includes pictures of the attorneys, pictures of the office, wallpaper, commentary on community events, you name it. Personalize your social media so you stand out from the crowd. This is an important part of your attorney marketing because as a law firm, many firms’ pages appear boring. They appear as if the business is interchangeable. Make your law firm stand out by personalizing your social media, enhancing your attorney marketing overall.
Post your content to increase its reach. If you’re busy writing blogs, post them on your social media so you can expose those blogs to even more people. Your attorney marketing will be greatly enhanced by potentially millions of people viewing your content. Further, your law firm will be able to position itself as a thought leader in the industry. Position yourself as that leader and enhance your attorney marketing with the benefits of social.

Social media offers law firms a unique ability to potentially reach millions of people in their area. And it offers law firms a unique ability to provide a reference to those people. These days, consumers are increasingly searching on social media networks for information about businesses instead of search engines. By harnessing the power of social media, your law firm will be able to take advantage of these unique benefits to drive your attorney marketing forward. If you’re looking for help getting social today, call us at eLaw Attorney Marketing.