Want More Clients, Focus on SEO!

Attracting more clients to your law firm is hard. If it wasn’t hard, there wouldn’t be a need to expend so much effort on your attorney marketing. With so many potential tools to gain more exposure, which one do you choose? That’s easy; you should focus on SEO. Only SEO can deliver the huge gains in traffic and the clients calling your law firm immediately. When you focus on SEO, your law firm is better able to position itself in front of consumers in an already competitive market.

The Benefits of SEO

These days, consumers have multiple methods to search for products, services, and businesses. The most popular is to enter search queries into search engines. According to data provided by Google, 90% of consumers search for businesses via search engine queries. And of those, 80% then contact or visit businesses they find in search queries within 24 hours. Can you afford not to be present in search engines?

When it comes to search engine listings, consumers favor the first page. The old saying is that if you’re not present on the first pages of the search engine results, then you essentially don’t exist. This is because consumers are impatient. If they don’t find what they want on the first page, they largely enter another query to obtain that information instead of continuing their search. The most valuable real estate in search engine results are the top 3 organic listings. These listings attract the bulk of search engine traffic and are the prime places that consumers click. If your law firm isn’t present in these top 3 positions, then it could be missing out on traffic to its website and client calls.

How to Rank Higher

Law firms who seek to rank higher in search engine results do so through the process of link building and content marketing. This can encompass a variety of tools including blogging, social media, public relations, visual marketing, and advertising. Using these tools, law firms establish their presence online and reach out to consumers directly. Let’s look at how these techniques differ:

Link building focuses on securing back links to boost the ranking of your law firm’s website. Websites with higher rankings are better able to attract traffic and to establish themselves in search results. The links that websites seek to accumulate are relevant to the field and not cheap undesirable links. The key is to attract the attention and support of quality websites who link to your website out of a perception of value. This is why it’s so damaging to have sites like pornography and gambling sites linking to your law firm’s website. If you don’t know where your SEO company is obtaining your links, you may be in for a nasty surprise if your website’s ranking suddenly takes a dive. Only by building quality links can your website experience larger gains.

Content marketing reaches out to consumers directly through techniques such as blogging, social media, public relations, and visual marketing. When consumers search for content on the internet, your law firm wants to have its content come up in their search results. If these users find your content engaging and informing, then they’ll hopefully click on your law firm’s website or pick up the phone and call you directly. Content should be encouraging lead conversion and should lead readers or viewers to take action based on your content.
If your law firm is seeking to attract more clients and to establish itself as a premium legal service provider, it should pay close attention to its SEO. Only by pursuing a strategy of SEO will your law firm be able to land front and center in front of consumers’ eyes. Increase your ability to remain competitive in your field and establish yourself as a leading law firm with SEO. If you’re seeking top results, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing to find out how we may be able to help your law firm.