Using Newsletters to Personalize Your Attorney Marketing

So much of attorney marketing can feel impersonal.  I open my email box and find emails from unnamed firms all the time, generally jumping on the mass torts craze.  But what about law firms who seek to brand their business and encourage new, old, and prospective clients to follow their progress? One of the best ways to engage with these clients is to publish a newsletter.

I know, publishing a newsletter sounds so holly hobby.  But newsletters are used for more than coupons.  They can be valuable insights into the firm, offer answers to pressing legal questions, you name it!  Your law firm can easily design a newsletter to highlight your firm and stay fresh in the minds of clients.

How to Create a Law Firm Newsletter

Newsletters are a great and easy to use tool that won’t take you all day.  As attorney marketers, we know that time is money, but taking the time to create this personalized tool can offer you nice returns on your investment.  Here’s an easy how to that you can follow:

  1. Find an online tool like Constant Contact.  These online newsletter services will allow you to choose from thousands of templates, edit your work, and send it out to defined email lists.  In under 10 minutes, you can create something memorable and stylish and send it out to your client list.
  2. Decide how often you are going to send out the newsletter.  Generally a monthly or quarterly newsletter is appropriate.  Clients don’t want to feel inundated with your emails.  Instead, they want to look forward to opening up a nice surprise.
  3. Create compelling content.  Depending upon your template, you may want to include a question and answer space, a spot to keep clients abreast of firm events/ awards, recognition for staff attorneys, you name it.  Create something that offers your clients a glimpse into your firm as humans behind the brand. Offer them value by creating entertaining and informative content.
  4. Don’t forget the visuals! No person can sit and read huge chunks of text without a little visual stimulation.  Insert some graphics, pictures, or video to break up the text.
  5. Keep it light, friendly, and write in an informal style.  No one wants to open up a newsletter to read high level dissertations on a subject in law.  Can you say send to trash? Your clients will be sending you to junk mail quickly if you do that.  If you discuss areas of the law, keep it friendly, easy to understand, and relatable.

Do It Yourself Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Do it yourself attorney marketing doesn’t have to be painful.  Newsletters are a great way to reach out to clients and remind them that your firm is here for them.  One of the best ways in which to keep a client is to nurture the relationship.  And with a newsletter, you can nurture that relationship by keeping in touch with the people who make your job what it is.