Use Visual Marketing to Support Your Attorney Marketing

When it comes to attorney marketing, many law firms’ campaigns are just plain boring.  Many law firms are coming around to the idea of writing to provide value to internet visitors, but they’re missing one critical element.  They’re missing the visual marketing element.

The top social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all of which are very visual mediums.  While it is possible to share a lot of blog content that are not inclusive of pictures, it is also very boring.  Readers want to see pictures and fans in these forums engage with visuals moreso than they engage with simply written words alone. This year, boost your attorney marketing with visual marketing.

Tell Your Law Firm’s Story Visually

Visual marketing is the new big thing in marketing land.  Essentially, visual marketing uses pictures, videos, and infographics to tell the story of your law firm or brand.  If you’re not using visuals to communicate with your intended clients, then you could be missing out on an extremely popular and powerful element of your attorney marketing.  Using these methods, you can incorporate visual marketing into your attorney marketing to produce better results:

  • Incorporate relevant thematic pictures into your blogs. Is your blog missing pictures? You could be missing a crucial element that appeals to internet readers.  When your blog lacks pictures, often, it becomes a bit overwhelming to visitors who are used to visuals to draw them in and connect with the written material.  Introduce pictures or videos which relate back to the subject of the post and help consumers to connect the dots in their mind.
  • Share your law firm’s pictures. Your law firm is full of many diverse and wonderful individuals.  Did you know that by sharing pictures of this group of dynamos that you could attract even more clients?  Internet consumers tend to trust law firm websites more that feature pictures of real people who work at their law firm rather than the stock photos that every website appears to use.  So grab your camera and start taking pictures of your attorneys in action, the office, and the group at work.  To use these pictures effectively, you could share them on your law firm’s social media channels, on your law firm’s website, and across multiple platforms.  These original pictures can provide the boost your attorney marketing needs by personalizing the firm.
  • Take pictures of events you attend and share them socially. When your law firm attends events such as Mass Torts Made Perfect, it presents a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of your law firm’s continuing education, foray into a new area of law, or its part in driving law forward.  Grab your camera and start taking pictures.  As part of your attorney marketing, use these pictures to communicate with existing and new clients.  This could be a great newsletter topic, Facebook album, Pinterest album, live Twitter event, or even a great part of your law firm’s website to show prospective clients how your law firm engages with the legal community.  The possibilities are endless and the stories you create can be powerful and attractive to consumers.
  • Encourage clients to contribute their pictures to the story. Clients are a big part of your law firm’s story.  Try encouraging clients to contribute their pictures as part of a visual storytelling campaign.  Imagine if your law firm presents a history of its clients injuries in pictures.  Or imagine a visual campaign focused on showing how your clients have prospered after your law firm’s help.  These campaigns could drive your attorney marketing into new areas which will resonate with prospective clients because they come from real people, not your law firm.  Imagine how powerful your clients’ endorsements can be to your attorney marketing.

When it comes to attorney marketing, visuals are extremely important in communicating your law firm’s story.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words; what will your law firm’s pictures communicate?  Drop the boring and generic attorney marketing in favor of a more visual campaign that will reach consumers better.  See how many new clients you can get through the door.  Call eLaw Attorney Marketing to get started.