Use Reviews to Attract Clients to Your Law Firm

Over the past few years, review sites have sprung up across the internet, from sites like to Angie’s List. Premised upon the idea that people are more apt to believe in a business supported by real people, they have become both a dream and a nightmare for business owners. Many law firms already collect testimonials from their clients and publish these on the firm’s website. Are reviews truly necessary or are they redundant?

Today’s online visitor is extremely web savvy. He or she recognizes that the reviews on your website are controlled by your law firm and placed there as a marketing technique. However, independent review sites are viewed as more credible because they are not under the control of business owners. And sites like and Angie’s List actively take steps to prevent fake reviews. With these community controls in place, the reviews featured on these sites are often seen as more realistic and important.

How to Use Reviews to Your Advantage

Over the years, your law firm has represented hundreds, if not thousands of clients. Wouldn’t it be nice if each and every single one of those satisfied clients was a walking talking advertisement for your law firm? The good news is that each one of them can if they’re willing. Consider the following techniques to attract more customers with your positive reviews:

• Ask your customers to log on and review you. Review sites like yelp attract millions of visitors per year. If your clients are willing, their 2 minute review could become a ringing endorsement for clients who may be searching for attorneys on these same sites. In your area alone, you could be missing out on thousands of new clients if you’re not present on these review sites.
• Ask clients and colleagues for a Facebook recommendation. Facebook publishes recommendations on business pages. Businesses with a list of client and peer reviews are often viewed as more trustworthy and important, lending credibility to your firm. Try asking your connections for a recommendation today.
• Put a Yelp badge on your website. When businesses add a Yelp badge to their website, it alerts consumers to their desire to gain feedback and encourages a sense of transparency within the business. This can often lead to increased reviews and increased calls from potential clients.
• Claim your business’ page on review sites. By claiming your business’ page, you put a face and a name to the business. You also gain the ability to post promotions, videos, pictures, and content that can attract review site visitors to your business.
• Promote your business’ reviews across your social media channels. When you promote your reviews in social media, you encourage your fans, followers, clients, and business connections to read your reviews and to potentially add to those reviews. This can encourage new traffic and raise your profile.

Be a Leader Online

Across review sites, it’s popular to review restaurants, gyms, and other industries. But often, consumers forget to review their law firm. Therefore, there are relatively few reviews for law firms online. When your firm begins to attract more reviews, you will establish yourself as a trusted leader in your industry. Consumers are much more apt to trust a law firm with 30 positive reviews over a law firm with one review. This good buzz can help to define your attorneys as leaders within the industry.