Use Referrals to Boost Your Attorney Marketing

No matter the niche, every business owner can tell you that what drives their business is referral business. Referrals are one of the strongest ways to gain new clients. But in this age of internet technology, referrals are no longer confined to word of mouth endorsements. Instead, your referrals often come in the form of reviews online and social media discussions. The discussions about your law firm online can often be a deciding factor for consumers looking for an attorney. The reviews your law firm has, the discussions online about your law firm, and your social media presence can all have a huge impact on consumers. If your law firm is looking for a sure fire way to boost your attorney marketing, consider courting referrals. These can be an effective and powerful piece of your attorney marketing strategy.

How to Gain Referral Business

Ideally, as attorneys, our clients are so happy that they instinctively refer us out to all of their friends, driving business through the door. However, since we live in the real world, sometimes you have to work a little harder for those referrals. Consider the following ways your law firm can gain referral business and drive your attorney marketing forward:

Ask your old clients for reviews. It’s time to crack open your client book and start contacting your previous clients. Given their positive experience with your law firm, many will more than likely be open to providing you with a great review.
Pitch testimonials. When your clients come in to pick up their check, ask them if they’d mind taking a minute to provide your law firm with a testimonial. Provide them with as much information up front as you can so it’s easy for them.
Place review site badges in your marketing materials. There’s no better way to alert current clients to your reviews on Yelp than to place a Yelp badge on your marketing materials. If they are active on that site, they will likely log on to review you. If your law firm is seeking reviews online, try placing links to various review sites in your materials today.
Promote review sites on your social media. If you’re looking for more reviews, why not call attention to that on your social media. Post links explaining to your fans and followers that if they’re so inclined, they can find your law firm on this review site, available at this link. And express your continued appreciation for their engagement.
Promote incentives on review sites. On sites like Yelp, businesses who promote discounts, coupons, and other incentives draw the attention of active users. When your law firm promotes your free consultation, or a discount on a certain legal document, you can gain the attention of these users who are more likely to leave you reviews.
Place a call to action on attorney marketing content. This could simply be write us a review for a chance to win a gift card to the restaurant of your choice. Or it could be more. But when you place calls to action on your attorney marketing materials asking for reviews, you increase the odds of gaining more of these reviews.

Referral business is a valuable and important piece of continuing to attract clients to your law firm. If you’re looking for a great boost to your attorney marketing, consider pursuing client referrals. If you’re looking for some help in managing these, you can call eLaw Attorney Marketing today.