Use Facebook to Brand Your Law Firm

Many law firms are beginning to see the value in social media and are beginning to flock to sites like Facebook by the droves. Facebook is an excellent way to engage with consumers, but it’s also an excellent way to brand your law firm. As a tool of attorney marketing, Facebook offers law firms many visual elements to communicate with consumers and opportunities to connect. If your law firm is searching for some ideas to brand the firm, we’ve got many ideas for you to use.

Display Elements Your Law Firm Can Use

Facebook’s diverse display elements offer many opportunities to enhance your attorney marketing and to communicate your law firm’s brand visually. Using the following elements, your law firm can encourage interaction from consumers and make a strong visual impact.

Cover Photo. The cover photo is the first impression your business makes. In this 851 x 315 pixel space, your law firm should use a uniquely branded image. If you rely solely upon stock imagery, you could be missing out on an opportunity to creatively communicate your firm’s vision, mission, or values. This space can be used to reach out to your audience with imagery that is consistent with your law firm’s brand, or it can be used to tie together your attorney marketing branded images. Consider that this space is regulated by Facebook so you can’t put phone numbers or advertisements in this space.

Profile Picture. Facebook’s profile picture offers your law firm the opportunity to show off your main branded image, or to work seamlessly with your cover photo. This 125 pixel square space can be a bit of a conundrum for some law firms. Do you show off a partner’s photo, your law firm’s logo, or do you choose another image that is exclusive to your social media attorney marketing? Consider this picture carefully as it will be used as the primary icon in searches for your law firm.

Tabbed images. Facebook offers tabs that you can customize on your Facebook page to show off a variety of items. Located just below the cover photo, these 16 x 16 pixel tabs offer law firms the ability to present a cohesively branded image to consumers. Law firms may choose a number of items to feature from videos to blog feeds, social media news feeds, apps, you name it. Once these tabs are created, your law firm can choose a custom image to represent that page.

Using these elements, your law firm can use Facebook to brand itself to consumers. This can enhance your attorney marketing and reach consumers in a uniquely visual manner. If you’re looking for some help with your law firm’s Facebook attorney marketing, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing today.