Tips to Extend the Life of Your Legal Press Release

Your law firm has gone ahead and taken the plunge… you’ve written your first press release and submitted it online.  Now that it’s out in the ether, what do you do? Here’s some tips to maximize your press and to combine your outbound marketing channels to give it some more juice.

6 Tips to Extend the Reach of Your Press Release

  • Tweet it! Tweet the link to your followers so they can read up on your important news
  • Share it on Facebook Like your press release on Facebook. You’ve got a small army of followers, so why not share the great news with this group of super fans?
  • Stumbleupon your release Submit the press release to stumble upon and encourage your fans/ followers with accounts to do the same
  • Share your release on your webpage Most companies have press room pages on their websites.  Make yours work for you and post the good news.  If you’ve been featured in good news sources, then you can also put up an As seen on graphic showing the news sources you’d like to feature.
  • Link to the release in your blog. Got some readers? Why not share the press release with them?
  • Submit the press release to additional specialty sources. You paid PRWeb or some source to submit this site but they don’t have sources like the Daily Journal on the list.  If this is news that you want your peers to know about, submit it to their news desk.  You might also want to try local news to enhance your profile in the community.

Remember, Press is About Effort

It takes effort to get your press release noticed among thousands of companies submitting news by the minute.  This is why companies generally use a variety of distribution channels and submit to a variety of journalists they are familiar with.  It takes a lot of work to even get a journalist to call you back.  But if you’re breaking news on a new string of dangerous cases, you can bet your life that someone will be interested. It’s their job to be interested in the new splashy headlines. Maximize this potential and spread your press release around.