The Benefits of SEO

Business owners are always looking for a good way to increase the flow of traffic to their website and get noticed.  The store is open, the website’s up, now what? One of the best ways to ensure that your website is visible is through the benefits of search engine optimization services (SEO.)

SEO is a tool that businesses can use to bring their website to the front pages of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Being on the front page increases your site’s value and puts you right out front of your customers. With over a billion unique visitors to Google every year, these front pages are highly coveted spots.

How Valuable is SEO?

Internet users are a fickle bunch.  If a business isn’t on the front page, they don’t tend to keep clicking around.  According to recent statistics from Pew Research in their Internet and American Life study, 73% of internet users go online in order to find a product, good, or service.  Of these internet users, 85% find a website through a search engine and 90% of users only click links within the top 30 results. If a result is not listed, instead of continuing to click the pages, users type in another query. Do you want your business to get lost in the shuffle?

Getting your business onto those top pages of search engines isn’t easy, but as you can see by the statistics, it’s well worth it.  When internet users type in search terms like “Beverly Hills Attorney” you want your name to be within the first few spots. The higher you rank on those spots, the higher the probability is that users will click on your link.  AOL released a meta study in 2006 which estimated the first organic link on the page received 48% of clicks and the number two position only received less than 20% of clicks.  You want to be number one and we want to help you get there. If you’re on those top pages, you’re going to get a significant increase in traffic to your website and you will get noticed.