The Basics of Law Firm Marketing: How to Convert Traffic to Customers

Often times, companies promise a lot to law firms.  Companies, and especially those seeking to take advantage of businesses, will sometimes promise outlandish things like thousands of leads per month, but no real actual discussion of how this will be accomplished.  Sure, you can SEO a site and get it ranking on the first page of Google, but will the customers who click on your site stick around?

Say for instance, you put up a page with keyword stuffed pages, but no actual content to offer your visitors something to take away.  You are generating traffic, but you’re not generating value in visitors’ minds.  Therefore, you’re likely not converting this traffic to actual clients who are calling and coming in through the door.  This isn’t what you want. What you want is a steady stream of traffic from visitors who will stick around, read what you have to say, connect to your core message, and find value in your services.  When you connect with visitors in this way, they can then be converted into clients.

Converting Visitors to Customers

Internet visitors are a fickle bunch.  With literally millions of options at their fingertips, they somehow found you.  If you can’t provide them with a rich experience, they can and will take their business elsewhere.  Think about the things you like in a website and what encourages you to stay.  Odds are that what you like is common to many other internet visitors.

There are many elements which entice a visitor to stick around and potentially become a paying client.  This can include:

  • Visual stimulation- is your site nothing but text? Visitors will bounce out very quickly.
  • Call to action- do you have something to rally your visitors around?
  • Engaging content- is your content informative and valuable? If it’s just poorly written spam, visitors will bounce out quickly
  • Interactive content- is there interactive content such as blogs, video, social media for users to explore?
  • Readability- is your site easy to read?

If your visitors aren’t sticking around, you might want to begin with a basic review of your website.  How does it look to others? Do people wince when they look at it because it’s hard to read, is too cluttered, or looks like something their child made in school? You might want to do a complete overhaul in that case. Are your articles informative and insightful? Do you provide your visitors with value or did you buy content that looks like a 4th grader wrote it about topics that are completely irrelevant to your business? There are many things to think about but once you get it down, you can start converting that inbound traffic to actual paying clients.