Study: Tablet Owners Consume More News

Tablet Owners Spend More Time Reading News

If your business focuses on breaking news and timely content, you can take a minute to rejoice.  According to a new Pew Research Internet and American Life report, tablet owners spend more time reading the news and ingesting longer content.  The more devices we own, the more we consume news content.

Pew interviewed over 9,000 adults and found that tablet users spent approximately 51 minutes reading news content.  Smart phone users in comparison spent an average of 54 minutes.  For people who owned both devices, they spent an average of 64 minutes reading the news on their tablet versus 54 minutes on their smart phone.

This is significant because roughly 22% of Americans own tablets, and 44% of Americans own a smart phone.  Within this group, these owners are emerging as forward thinking, technologically savvy, and informed.  That’s just the core customer that many businesses want to target.

What’s on the reading list

The report indicates that what people are reading are in- depth articles.  69% of tablet users are reading full articles rather than merely scanning headlines.  Of that group, another 78% read multiple in- depth pieces at one time and 72% read articles that they hadn’t previously sought out.

But which sources are these people reading? 60% of these content consumers are reading from a select group of trusted internet sources while 39% are reading various sources they come across.  If your business is seeking to attract these content consumers’ attention, you need to write to target both of them.

How to appeal to these people

You can attract these users with your content in the following way:

  • Write timely content on the news cycle arc to capture more viewers just browsing around
  • Establish yourself as a trusted authority to capture regular viewers
  • Get personal with your customers so you’ll attract more subscribers to your site
  • Increase your content visibility by working your social media audience

When you’re ready to push your content to the next level, we’ve got strategies to put you in front of customers’ eyes.