Study: How Effective is Your Content Marketing

At eLaw Attorney Marketing, we’re fans of content marketing.  In fact, we see results all day long based on content marketing.  However, in the Content Marketing Institute’s new study, of 1400 American business to business marketers, only 36% felt that content marketing was effective or very effective.  45% rated it right down the middle instead.

Why does this useful tool score so low? To be honest, not all content marketing is created equal.  87% of content marketers are relying on methods such as social media, a relatively new field for business to business marketers and often misunderstood.  Another 83% of content marketers use articles, 78% use email newsletters, and 77% use blogs.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing needs a cohesive strategy which doesn’t focus solely on one area.  Your customers are reading multiple media channels, opening email, interacting in various social media circles.  To focus on one area is to deny the many other places people hang out. By adding multiple content marketing strategies to your inbound marketing strategy, you’ll increase your exposure.

The real key to content marketing is of course, the content.  Are you writing content that truly provides value to your customers? Or is this the spammy kind of content that people generally pass and send straight to the deleted bin? Often, people think that the content they are writing and sending out to clients is helpful.  Sometimes, it’s thinly veiled spam which leads customers to hit ignore.  Don’t be ignored by your customers.  Try to find ways in which to teach, inspire, and thoughtfully build an engaged community.

Most of All, Keep at it!

If your early efforts at content marketing don’t pan out, keep at it.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a large network of thoughtful, engaged customers isn’t attracted overnight. In fact, it’s the organic work that often seems the hardest.  But don’t give up! Keep trying and eventually, you’ll find something that your customers simply can’t ignore.