Standing Out of the Crowd: Increase Your Firm’s Odds of Being Found Online

We’re living in a fast paced digital age.  As content consumers, we’ve never had it so good. A plethora of information is readily available at our fingertips on a variety of subjects.  However, with such a mass of available information, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Gone are the days when you can put up a website and trust that it will be found. If you want your website and your services to stand out of the crowd, you’ve got to take a proactive stance.

Here’s some easy ways to draw digital attention:

  • Run a promotion! Offer clients a reason to come find you.  Everyone loves a discount, so if you’ve got a great special, advertise it!
  • Build relationships and communities online. It’s easy to forget that marketing legal services is really about personal marketing as well. By building communities online and building relationships, you enhance your visibility among potential clients.
  • Publicize your services! If your law firm has recently added services to its repetoire, or you’ve cornered the market in dialysis injury cases, you should announce it to the world. Create some buzz with public relations. Work the media to draw some digital attention your way.
  • Tell people where to find you. Put your website and social media links on all of your materials so clients are sure to find you.