Should Your Law Firm Utilize Content Marketing?

These days, it’s hard to miss the new fad circulating the SEO circles. The latest trend is
content marketing. You might have heard a lot about this hyped up technique—but can it really generate leads, and is it really effective for your firm?

The answer is yes. Content marketing is one of the most important and efficient tools that every firm needs to utilize.

Content marketing involves providing relevant and valuable information to encourage and engage current and potential consumers. At its core, content marketing requires your firm to give valuable content that is not necessarily littered with calls-for-action. The overall goal is to earn a reputation as a solid expert, develop a fan base, and eventually retain clients.

Some of the most common examples of content marketing pieces will include things like:

  • Downloadable e-books or guides
  • Case studies and whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Extensive blog posts
  • E-newsletters

The goal of content marketing is to develop relationships with your potential clients. And to do this, you provide valuable information that is meant to teach and instruct, not market.

This might sound a little counterproductive—shouldn’t the goal of content marketing be…marketing? Well, yes—and no. You might be shocked to find that the average person doesn’t like knowing that you’re only trying to reach into their parkets. Not to say that they wouldn’t be willing to let you, as long as they know they’re going to get their money’s worth.

When generating content to post on blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, and other forms of distribution, consider providing valuable advice. Give away your secrets—chances are, they’re already out there. Provide great tips, deliver inspiring messages, and develop your credibility. By building meaningful relationships, you’ll turn those potential customers into retained clients.