Should Attorney Marketing Be Campaign Focused or Community Focused

Recently, Ad Age, a prominent advertising outlet, declared that advertising campaigns are dead. Having heard this about a number of marketing tools over time, we were somewhat skeptical. But what they really were declaring is that community engagement has replaced campaigning to faceless masses. As search engines continue to personalize their results, traditional marketing has evolved into community based and peer- influenced marketing strategies.

As attorney marketers, there’s much we can learn from this approach to strengthen our own marketing efforts and encourage consumers to convert into paying clients. Today’s internet savvy consumers do not often establish relationships with law firms out of the blue. Instead, they often find their way to blogs, videos, social media outlets and find attorney generated content online. It is the discussions we have with users that encourages them to convert into paying clients. The attorney marketing content that we generate is what draws these consumers to us because it is a communication about what we care about, who we represent, and how we can help these people.

Inbound Marketing Has Become Personalized and Consumer Centric

Interruptive marketing, or advertising, is all around us. And as technology advances, it’s easier than ever to avoid it. Today’s technology has advanced to allow consumers to pay and opt out of advertising, to fast forward through commercials on television, and to stream shows live without any advertising. Similarly, Google states that only 25% of website traffic is acquired through pay per click advertising. In contrast, 75% of website traffic is earned through organic links. So why are you still wasting money on attorney marketing tools that don’t work?

Attorney marketing today has to change to adopt a more personalized and consumer centric approach. It is this approach which organically drives traffic to our websites, which encourages consumers to pick up the phone and call to speak to the attorney who seemed to understand just what they were going through. It is this approach which will define the most successful of attorney marketing efforts in 2013. It is a commitment, a promise to our clients, not a fly by night campaign designed to trick consumers into calling now.

Attorney marketing benefits from a community centric approach in the following ways:

• It encourages dynamic and responsive feedback from potential clients
• Establish a consistent brand image
• It draws clients to the firm based upon a reflection of a deep understanding of client issues
• It does not dissuade clients from contacting you because of tired gimmicks that change like the wind
• It reflects an understanding that clients are our primary concern

Lead the Pack in Attorney Marketing

Don’t keep pursuing the strategies of the past, coming up with “campaigns” to fool your clients. Instead, be a leader in your industry and pursue a personalized community centric approach to attorney marketing. Develop lasting relationships with your clients and encourage feedback and participation. Show your potential clients that you are the law firm who understands their needs and places them above their own.