Reaching Customers with Visual Marketing

The internet is constantly evolving.  Once upon a time, it was revolutionary to have a website.  Then the new tool was blogging, then microblogging, and now its communicating with visual marketing.  I guess it’s true what they say- pictures are worth 1,000 words.  Visual marketing has become the newest trend in internet communities.  Users are flocking to sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and LoveIt.  In fact, Instagram became such an instant hit that social media giant Facebook had to snatch it up.  Before they knew if it was possible to monetize these sites, they had millions of devoted fans.  Internet users are a fickle bunch, though.  They used to want to chat with you and engage in conversation about your brand.  Now they’re making brand decisions based on what your pictures communicate.

Virtual Marketing as a Representation of How We Filter Information

I suppose visual marketing really represents how we as human beings filter the overabundance of information.  We live in a digital age and in this age, we are bombarded with content daily, hourly, minute by minute and second by second.  One click on the internet can yield millions of ideas, pictures, words, products, reviews, you name it!  ROI Research released a recent 2012 study concluding pictures have become the largest take away for social media users. The pictures were user favorites by far and 44% of users said they would most likely engage with brands who posted pictures over brands just posting links and statuses. With a potentially infinite amount of messaging, pictures are a succinct way to communicate with customers.

The Benefit of Visual Marketing

Are you communicating visually with your customers?  Brands with visual marketing campaigns are seeing increased brand loyalty, increased sales, and increased customer feedback.  These are all extremely valuable to a business seeking to define the ROI on a visual marketing strategy.  Can your business afford to ignore this trend?

One of the most successful visual marketing campaigns is a recent Quicksilver campaign which asked users to share their Quicksilver moment.  What followed was a visual conversation with its users about what the brand meant to them.

This included gorgeous sunsets, action shots of surfers shredding waves, lounging in their favorite Quicksilver clothes on the beach, and more.  The campaign was an instant success and provided a strong model for visual marketing.

Try visually communicating with your customers today and see what kind of conversation you can start!