Promote More Successful Leads with Targeted Content

By now, you’re aware that the internet runs on content.  This all important piece of the marketing chain also needs to be targeted to your desired consumer.  Unfortunately, many attorneys are unaware that their efforts are not producing the desired results because they’re not targeting their desired consumer.  Many law firms may be discouraged to discover that their in house content is falling upon deaf ears.  To produce better results, attorney marketing content needs to reflect an understanding of their target consumers’ needs and where they are in the purchase cycle.

Create Better Content By Targeting Your Desired Consumer

Poor content isn’t going to reach your desired clients.  This is why you can’t just lamely throw something together in the hopes that it will grab someone’s attention.  Good content requires effort and understanding.  If your law firm doesn’t have a clear idea of who your target customer is, you could be wasting your energies.  Depending on your desired consumer, your law firm should be tailoring its marketing content to:

  • Raise awareness of your law firm.  Your law firm is on hand to help clients solve a particular problem.  Let these desired clients know that your law firm specializes in this kind of law and happens to be in their area.
  • Promote discovery of your law firm.  Do consumers know the services your law firm provides? Alert users to the fact that your law firm has the skills necessary to solve a variety of legal issues and problems.  Promote your skills and services to attract more potential clients.
  • Encourage clients to sign up with your law firm.  Provide the information a client needs to confidently choose your firm to solve their legal problem.  This means tailored content to attract the attention of a specific consumer who is seeking very specific services.  Refine your content to encourage these clients to sign on with your firm over your competitor.

Your message needs to resonate with your desired client and this will depend upon whether the message was framed adequately, how it was delivered, and the tone you use.  When the message resonates with your desired client, they’ll sign with you over another law firm.

Target Your Content to a Buyer Persona

Attorneys often ask what is a buyer persona?  A buyer persona is an example of the desired client you’re trying to reach.  Your content should be tailored to this person’s behaviors, attitudes, and desires.  Only by knowing your desired client can you discover their buyer persona.  For example, you wouldn’t effectively target a client who has experienced a personal injury if you didn’t mention the big settlements they could win, how you could help them to pay their medical bills, and how your firm could help them.  If you forgot to mention these things, then you wouldn’t be effectively targeting a consumer who is concerned with obtaining a big payday for their injuries.  Only by knowing your intended target’s buyer persona can you effectively reach them and convert them into a paying client.