Personalize Your Attorney Marketing to Gain More Clients

The new internet marketing buzz word in 2013 is personalized content.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s essentially offering tailored content to your specific audience of clients, fans, and followers. This dynamic tool is slated to be the new big trend in attorney marketing.  According to Econsultancy, 68% of marketers claim that personalizing their marketing based upon their customers’ behavioral data has a favorable impact on their ROI, with 74% also claiming increased customer engagement.  Despite these positive results, there are relatively few online marketers, and almost no attorney marketers currently using this new online marketing tool.

94% of online marketers are not using personalized marketing.  The facts are that many marketers, and especially attorney marketers, are unaware of how to use this tool to gain new clients.  It’s hard to accumulate the kinds of data that would make marketing feel personalized in customers’ minds.  But as attorney marketing leaders, you’ve got the inside track on this year’s big idea. Read on to find out how personalized marketing can benefit your attorney marketing efforts.

How to Personalize Your Attorney Marketing

Attorney marketing is a highly niche area of marketing, one that often trails behind the rest of internet marketers.  Let’s face it; we do not have an exciting product to sell.  But we do have the benefit of still being able to communicate with potential clients in a personal manner.  And these communications can yield big returns. If you’re struggling to figure out how your law firm can personalize its attorney marketing, read on for some easy ideas to help your firm increase its conversions and gain better clients:

  • Tailor your email marketing campaigns. If your law firm is practicing email marketing, you’re likely employing the old shotgun approach rather than the sniper approach.  Why not create a new campaign aimed at retaining existing clients?  Let these clients know that you appreciate their business and can offer them additional legal help down the road. You can do this using a program like Constant Contact and compose a marketing email or newsletter with dynamic tags. These dynamic tags will allow you to personalize your email according to their name or title. Additionally, your law firm can add a dynamic call to action tied to that client’s previous behavioral patterns.  Are they a onetime client or a frequent client? Depending upon your information, your law firm could tailor the email to appear custom designed for each and every client your law firm has.
  • Seek to engage your social media followers. The idea behind attracting massive amounts of social media followers is to potentially convert these followers into paying clients.  Law firms rarely post splashy and interesting content, so these followers rarely engage with the brand the way people would with brands like Starbucks.  However, when law firms reach out to their followers, they let these people know that their concerns are important to the law firm.  Wouldn’t you sign up with a law firm who appears concerned about your well being?
  • Refine your content to appeal to a segmented audience. The odds are your law firm is trying to appeal to one specific client- an injured person seeking an attorney, a person in tax trouble, or a family needing an estate planning attorney.  You’re not going to reach these heavily segmented audiences by churning out generic content.  Instead, you’ll want to refine your content to that one area of law and to attract that one specific client who is going to pick up the phone because they read your content.
  • Brand your law firm and brand your marketing content. Too many law firms churn out generic spammy marketing. Have you received those emails in your inbox asking if you’ve suffered a transvaginal mesh injury? Have you received circulars asking if your immigration status has been revoked? Generic marketing is a nuisance when it doesn’t apply to consumers.  By personally branding your marketing and branding personalized campaigns, your law firm sets itself apart from the rest and encourages brand loyalty.

Personalized marketing is the newest buzz word of 2013 and it will also turn out to be one of the biggest trends as more and more attorney marketers figure out what other marketers are realizing- consumers love feeling that you’re talking to them directly.  Gone are the days when you could churn out marketing that boiled down to essentially a numbers game.  Lead the pack of attorney marketers and create content that your potential clients will love to bring them in the door.