Obtain More Links for Your Law Firm’s Website By Guest Posting

When it comes to boosting the rankings of your law firm’s website, one of the most effective ways is to start guest posting. Often, law firms are hesitant to do so because law firms are sensitive to how the poster will make the law firm look. But as a trusted member of your law firm, an attorney can be a great author to highlight your firm’s legal expertise. You trust them to represent you at firm functions, why not extend that trust to an hour or two a week to submit guest posts to enhance your attorney marketing? There are a number of great ways that law firms can capitalize on guest posting. As a part of your attorney marketing, your law firm can utilize guest posting to its advantage, positioning the firm as thought leaders and encouraging trust in consumers’ eyes. This is highly shareable content that can gain your law firm attention in not only its own legal communities, but in networks like LinkedIn as well. Let’s find out how your law firm can begin guest posting to enhance your attorney marketing.

How to Guest Post for Your Attorney Marketing

Guest posting for law firms is a bit of a difficult area. Unlike popular consumer focused areas like do it yourself home improvements, the topic of law is downright unpopular. If you were an average consumer, would you honestly be searching to follow law firms absent a pressing need? However snooze worthy consumers see the law, it is extremely useful to consumers who do searches looking for help with their legal topics. So how do you find sites to boost your law firm’s attorney marketing? Try the following techniques:

Work your legal communities. Most law firms belong to law directories such as Avvo, which offer attorneys the opportunity to post blogs that show on their profiles. Costly but effective, Avvo’s blogs offer the opportunity to expose consumers to your area of law. Not only do popular law directories have this ability, but so do a variety of legal focused blogs. These blogs often solicit posts from attorneys who are knowledgeable in the law and willing to contribute posts to help consumers.
Search online. Often, with a simple internet search, you can find a number of legal sites to submit guest posts. Start with a search by legal topic and the words “submit post” “guest post” or related keywords. This can be an excellent way to discover new legal outlets to gain attention and back links for your law firm. Your chosen legal guest blogger(s) can help to form new relationships that could benefit the firm and its attorney marketing.
Join guest blogging sites and blog carnivals. There are tons of forums online that cater to guest blogging, and while those catering to the legal field are fewer, joining a guest blogger forum is an excellent way to find new legal guest blogger opportunities. This is a great opportunity to get recognized as a guest blogger and to disseminate your attorney marketing.
Contact legal publications and ask if you can contribute. The odds are pretty high that you’ve got a collection of legal sites that you tend to read. If you enjoy their writing and would like to contribute, contact them and see if they’d be open to a guest blog from a long time reader. If you can pitch a story in a niche area that they might be interested in, you may be able to get your law firm in as a regular contributor.

When it comes to guest blogging, it’s a great way to enhance your attorney marketing. If your law firm is seeking to expand its influence, trusting a firm employee such as an attorney to write guest blogs can be a great way to maximize your exposure. Using the ideas we’ve discussed, your law firm can start guest posting and collecting valuable links to drive your website’s rankings up. If you need some help, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing to get you started on the right path.