Need More Clients, Use PR!

Every day, we hear good attorneys complaining that they need more clients, they need more leads. What if we told you that there’s an easy way to get them? You’d be all over it like a cheap suit, right? Not exactly. Often, when attorneys hear public relations, they cringe in fear. Public relations doesn’t have to be cringeworthy, though. When executed right, your law firm’s public relations campaign can attract new clients and build your reputation. If your law firm isn’t engaging in any public relations, you’re missing opportunities. Public relations should be an integral piece of your attorney marketing.

How PR Benefits Your Attorney Marketing

Public relations is often thought of as a supportive element to attorney marketing, but it doesn’t need to be shoved in the backseat. Instead, your law firm can use public relations to drive your attorney marketing strategy. Don’t see the benefit? Let’s examine how public relations can benefit your attorney marketing:

Enhanced reputation. When you release positive news stories about your law firm, the successes of your attorneys, or awards won, you enhance your law firm’s reputation. When your law firm has a great reputation in the eyes of your peers, they refer more cases to you. When clients believe you have a great reputation, they’re encouraged to sign on with your law firm.

Buzz about your law firm. Public relations creates buzz. Your law firm wants buzz because it means people are talking about you. When you send out a press release, clients read this and tell their friends about your services. Journalists who pick up the story write articles about your law firm. And bloggers discuss your law firm’s news. This is buzz and it is good for your attorney marketing. Buzz brings clients in through the door.

Organic website traffic. When your press is published, you gain organic traffic to your website. These are interested consumers who read your press release, or who read an article about your law firm and decided to find out more information about your law firm. When you increase traffic to your website, you are increasing the chances of converting this traffic to paying clients. This is success in attorney marketing.

Exposure to new clients. Public relations gets your name out there and exposes you to new consumers who may be searching for a law firm. Generally, a press release can expect tens of thousands of impressions and hundreds of full page reads at the very least. Articles in various media sources can potentially reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. Placing your law firm’s name in front of these consumers benefits you because they may be moved to pick up the phone and call your law firm.

Increased consumer trust. Public relations works much better than advertising because consumers trust organic stories in the press over glossy advertisements. Public relations can achieve gains that advertising can’t because of the disparity in consumer trust. When your law firm is mentioned in the press, consumers instinctively trust your law firm more than if you had taken out an advertisement alone.

Public relations is extremely effective and if your law firm isn’t using it as a part of your attorney marketing strategy, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities. Public relations can bring your law firm strategic gains and new clients that advertising alone can’t bring. Consider adding it to your attorney marketing strategy today.