Measure Your Social Media ROI and Track Your Attorney Marketing Effectiveness

When it comes to attorney marketing, social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to publicize your law firm and to gain users’ attention.  However, it is often perceived as ineffective, or just a space to play games.  When done well, social media is one of the top sources of referral traffic for businesses, including law firms.

Because social media is notoriously difficult to track in terms of ROI, many attorneys just assume it’s ineffective and not worth their time.  Therefore, when used, many attorneys don’t take the time to do it well.  However, there are some simple ways in which you can measure your attorney marketing social media ROI which can encourage your law firm to increase its efforts.

How to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Often, when attorneys are able to see the clear ROI on their social media attorney marketing, they are able to see a clear reason for social media.  But how is that ROI tracked?  Using these simple tools, your law firm can track its attorney marketing social media ROI:

  • Use a phone number unique to your social media. By using a unique phone number, you make your social media attorney marketing efforts easier to track.  Your law firm can more easily track the amount of calls that your social media marketing has produced. This is a clear way for your law firm to track what source is making the phone ring.
  • Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers law firms the ability to track referral traffic sources to your website.  Using this powerful analytics tool, your law firm will be able to determine whether your social media attorney marketing is working.  Google Analytics can provide a clear picture of which sources your traffic is coming from so you can adjust your attorney marketing efforts.
  • Use online offers. While traditional businesses may receive better benefits by offering coupons, a law firm needs to get creative.  You can offer an item such as a free consultation, free help in filling out a specific form necessary for a lawsuit, or another legal document that may be appealing to consumers.  Using this offer, track whether or not it was effective by keeping track of clicks through from this offer and the amount of clients who mention this offer.
  • Track your click through rates on advertising.  Is your law firm advertising on social media? If so, track the click through rates on your pay per click advertising to determine whether or not this attorney marketing method is effective.  If your pay per click advertising on social media outperforms your attorney marketing advertising on other sites, then you have a clear picture of how effective this form of attorney advertising is for your law firm.

Once you measure your social media ROI, you’ll gain a clearer picture of just how effective your attorney marketing in social media is for the law firm.  Once your law firm sees how effective your social media marketing can be, your law firm may jump to embrace the medium.  For help, call eLaw Attorney Marketing today.