Maximize Your Exposure with Social Sharing Buttons

You see those little buttons at the bottom of everyone’s web pages these days- the share buttons.  These little buttons invite you to click like, retweet, pin, stumbleupon, and tag the content that you liked reading.  If you don’t have these in place, then you’re not maximizing your traffic and exposure.

Introduced in 2010, the ability to like something on Facebook or tweet something via Twitter took the internet by storm.  Now, it’s commonplace.  And according to Nielson figures, the bulk of sharing on the internet is now driven by these little buttons at the bottom of your blog or web page.

Make These Social Share Buttons Work for You

  • Offer multiple abilities to share your content across the web
  • Place uniform share buttons on your page- if one is too large and the rest are tiny, this will look off to viewers
  • Include share counters to lend credibility to your site and to encourage others to share this popular content as well
  • Provide a call to action for your readers. It’s not enough to provide these buttons, but you should remind them to share your content.
  • Make the share buttons easily accessible for readers so they can hit the button and move on with their day.

Keep Track of Your Traffic as a Result of Sharing

Encouraging readers to share your content works.  It works so well that businesses vie for your attention and are willing to offer you handfuls of platforms to share their content so they can reach even more readers.  Traffic spikes every time your content gets shared.  Talk about measurable results! You never know where your newest paying customer will find you, so it behooves you to spread your content around.  The more places potential clients can find your content, the better the chances are that you will reach them. Try the share buttons on our site today and see how your share buttons compare.