Master Attorney Marketing with SEO!

Once upon a time, search engine optimization (SEO) had a shady kind of underground feel. It was perceived as a trick of some sort to cheat the search engine rankings and quickly climb into the top spots. These days, SEO is a part of everyday life for law firms seeking to attract a steady flow of traffic to their websites in order to gain more clients. If your law firm hasn’t embraced SEO yet, you could be missing out on big gains for your attorney marketing. Consider the following benefits your law firm can enjoy using SEO.

SEO Benefits Your Attorney Marketing

Many law firms are behind the times when it comes to attorney marketing. For this reason, early adopters of technology and law firms who embrace attorney marketing tend to do much better. These are the law firms enjoying top rankings in search engines, whose traffic is a steady influx of potential clients, and who generally enjoy a full roster of clients. Don’t you want that for your law firm? SEO can both support and drive your attorney marketing in the following ways:

Top rankings gain more traffic than pay per click advertisements. The reality is, according to Google, consumers click on organic links 75% more than pay per click advertising at the top and on the sides. The reason why is that consumers are now conditioned to ignore advertisements, and some actively seek to block them out with ad blockers. Organic links attract the majority of traffic by leaps and bounds. In 2006, AOL mistakenly released a set of closely held data which estimated that 86% of consumers clicked on the top organic link in search results. Years later, as search engine results became more value oriented, Google reports that 36% of consumers click on the top ranking in search results. Approximately 12.5% click on the second result in Google, and the percentages lower significantly from there down to 2.2% clicking on result number 10. In comparison to advertisements, organic outperforms them on every level. No matter your keywords, no matter your call to action, organic results matter the most. The message is clear- to achieve larger flows of traffic, your law firm needs to rank highly in search engines.
SEO can extend the life of your press. Law firms are acutely aware of the fact that public relations brings in the clients in a major way. But did you know that if you use SEO to enhance your public relations, you can increase the chances of your press being found online? In this instance, SEO can support this facet of your attorney marketing by ensuring your press is front and center in front of the people who need to see it- your prospective clients.
Enhance your reputation. Whether you want to be known for certain keywords or you’re trying to clean up a potentially negative image, SEO can help you to refocus the conversation and enhance your reputation. By using more positive keywords to associate with your law firm, your attorney marketing gains new life. Imagine when you type in your law firm to discover the frequent searches associated with your law firm are value, integrity, winning, you name it. Also imagine how this can enhance a reputation that is tarnished by breaking up the negative buzz and replacing it with more positive keywords.
SEO can position your law firm as a leader in the industry. One of the core concepts of marketing is positioning. How you brand your business and position it in the marketplace defines the gains you’re able to enjoy. When you use SEO to position your law firm, you are better able to compete in an already crowded marketplace with law firms who may have bigger budgets and further reach. Using SEO, you can boost your law firm’s effectiveness and help to carve out its deserved place among the leadership in your industry.

If your law firm is seeking to bolster and drive its attorney marketing forward, you should consider SEO. The many benefits of SEO far outweigh passing it up and instead pursuing failed advertising policies. If you’re looking for some help to create SEO that will get your law firm noticed and enhance your attorney marketing, give us a call at eLaw Attorney Marketing today. We’ll help you get on track and collecting new leads and new clients in no time.