Marketing Your Legal Business Online

As attorneys, marketing doesn’t always come naturally.  With a traditional brick and mortar business, many law firms and legal support services tend to adopt outbound marketing techniques without paying any attention to the inbound marketing techniques.  Simply put, a lot of attorneys are under the perception that “if you advertise, they will come.” When the advertising dollars start to skyrocket and those clients don’t necessarily start pouring in the door, it might be time to review your marketing techniques.

First and Foremost, Review Your Marketing Strategy

Do you have a comprehensive marketing strategy? Do you know who your core audience is, where to find them, and what you want these people to know? No? Then you need to go back to the basics. Every business, including law firms and legal support businesses need to be aware of the basics:

  • Consistent Branding
  • Product Positioning
  • Precision execution
  • Crafting and controlling the message

If you don’t have a full fledged marketing department to craft your strategies and techniques to accomplish your goals, you may be missing out.  Putting an ad in a magazine isn’t enough to cut it in the competitive legal market. You need to know what your message is, how to best highlight it, and how to encourage your desired customers to connect with it.

Diversify your Marketing with Online Marketing

Businesses who engage in both outbound and inbound marketing are capturing the largest share of the market.  Your clients are not just walking around, reading magazines and newspapers, but they’re also watching tv, surfing the web, and communicating on social networks.

Inbound or online marketing can sometimes be tricky for legal professionals.  Allow us to demystify the marketing strategies.

  • Performance Marketing- also known as pay per click or search marketing, an advertisement is placed which utilizes various search engine terms.  While this can translate into a lot of traffic, this also sometimes is misleading because consumers may not linger if your website doesn’t offer content to attract them back.
  • Banner Marketing- also known as contextual marketing, and largely used as a supplement to overall strategies
  • Public Relations- considered to be the dominant form of marketing online, press releases and email outreach to your customers is the most effective way to market your business online. Press release distribution sites charge big bucks because they send your releases out to thousands of news contacts, push your announcements to the top of search engines, and have the power to highlight your business in the most cost effective way. Your press release can live online forever with an equally high ranking.
  • Social Networking- these free tools are receiving incredible attention.  Social media sites will share your content, advertise your name, and allow you to get personal with your customers.  However, it’s how you leverage your network to achieve the results you want.  Just because you put up a Facebook page, it doesn’t mean you’ll get thousands of new clients. But you can drive traffic to your site organically.
  • Affiliate Marketing- this high dollar market allows others to market your brand for you for a commission.  Marketers enjoy this form of marketing because it doesn’t require high start up costs but it can pay off big in the end.

The main concept is to drive traffic to your website, encouraging customers to view your content and pick up the phone.  Don’t just let your website sit there and collect dust- make it work for you by writing fresh content, linking back to it from your social media, advertising it in your press releases, and trading links with others.