Marketing Your Law Firm With Social Media

Using Social Media to Market Your Law Firm

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing, many attorneys are far behind the digital curve.  But according to the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center, 56% of attorneys are using social media.  Are you a part of the majority?

There are over 150 active social media networks and growing.  If you targeted them all, your marketing representative wouldn’t have time to do much else, but it is helpful to have a presence on the top social media networks.  Below are the top 10 social media networks:

  1. Facebook- 750 mil unique monthly visitors
  2. Twitter – 250 mil unique monthly visitors
  3. LinkedIn- 110 mil unique monthly visitors
  4. Myspace- 70.5 mil unique monthly visitors
  5. Google+- – 65 mil unique monthly visitors
  6. DeviantArt- 25.5 mil unique monthly visitors
  7. LiveJournal – 20.5 mil unique monthly visitors
  8. Tagged- 19.5 mil unique monthly visitors
  9. Orkut- 17.5 mil unique monthly visitors
  10. Pinterest- 15.5 mil unique monthly visitors

Business owners, particularly attorneys, need to market in the places where there customers hang out.  Where are your customers hanging out?  By the looks of this top 10, your customers are hanging out on diverse social media sites.  With millions of unique visitors coming to these sites on a monthly basis, your law firm has an opportunity to reach out to highly diverse segments of the population, who may be in need of your services.

Finding Your Customer on Social Media

Law firms are niche experts in a variety of different areas of the law: personal injury, family law, estate planning, intellectual property, etc… Depending upon your specialty, your law firm may find one social media site to be more useful than another.

For instance, as an intellectual property attorney, you may want to target the sites which focus upon art, fashion, design, and copyrighted material.  DeviantArt, LiveJournal, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are all very useful sites to target for this area of law.

It All Comes Down to Knowing Your Customer

Ultimately, marketing your law firm comes down to the golden rule of marketing: know your customer and advertise in the places these customers frequent.  While many attorneys and law firms prefer to advertise in legal journals, these are not traditionally customer focused media.  How many clients have you had that subscribe to these publications? The odds are relatively few.  Know who you’re targeting and where they hang out.  Are you a firm specializing in family law? Are you seeking women who want to leave their husband? You may want to try Pinterest, a social media site primarily composed of women.

The bottom line is you’ll find your customer in many different venues and depending upon where you target, you may find one social media site is more appropriate than another.  Try joining today to support your marketing efforts and connect with your customers!