Marketing Your Law Firm on a Budget

As attorney marketers, we’re often asked what kinds of options are available for private practices and smaller law firms. Many of these firms lack the big budgets that larger law firms have and struggle to find affordable attorney marketing options for their business. Sure, you may not be pumping millions of dollars into ad space nor may you be airing commercials nationwide, but you can certainly gain a benefit from marketing your private practice. Attorney marketing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many affordable options for attorneys who are on a budget. If you’re willing to adopt a do it yourself attitude, you can increase traffic to your website and gain new clients.

Budget Friendly Attorney Marketing
Law firms on a budget don’t have to break the bank to see a big return on their investment. There are many tools available to attorney marketers who have the time to devote to marketing the business and the can do spirit. The tools below are budget friendly and can yield great results:

• Write a blog. Attorneys who blog can reach out to potential clients with relevant information. Clients are online searching for an attorney for a reason- they’re looking for someone to help them, for information about their case, and when you can provide that information, you introduce your law firm as a smart choice. The key is to write this blog regularly, providing new content and information to your potential clients.

• Write an Ebook. Ebooks are popular choices for internet visitors. Try compiling a thoughtful resource for clients and then offering it for download from your website. If you collect information about the visitor first, you gain a lead that your firm may be able to convert into a client.

• Become an expert. Offer sites guest articles to establish yourself as an expert. This will drive both links and traffic back to your website, increasing your ability to attract potential clients.

• Write press releases. Public relations is a popular way to attract traffic and potential leads. Because these are distributed online, your law firm gains a permanent link to your website and internet visitors gain valuable information. Your news could also get picked up by news outlets who write organic articles, increasing your ability to reach clients.

Attorney marketing can be affordable for businesses of every size. When you take the time to create valuable content, you can increase traffic to your website and gain new leads.