Marketers Join Reddit

Marketers Join Reddit
In August, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, offered himself up to the internet, saying “Ask Me Anything.” His forum was the popular social media community, Reddit.  Although popular among the web savvy, Reddit has traditionally been in the shadows of the larger and slicker social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  But what is it?

What is Reddit?
Reddit is a social media community built around sharing news.  Registered users submit news and discuss topics in subreddit forums ranging from public figures such as the President of the United States to their favorite brands.  There is so much content discussed on Reddit that it behooves you to get on and check it out.  Do you know if users are discussing your business?  While you may be uncertain, marketers are flocking to Reddit in droves, as have many new users curious about the website the President was on.
Prior to the President’s segment, reported Reddit had 35 million unique visitors per month.  Subreddits are especially popular among Reddit users because they’re user created forums discussing the topics users care about. As a business owner, you want to hang out in the places where your customers hang out.  And 35 million potential customers are hanging out on Reddit.

The Reddit ROI
Reddit is a growing social media forum, but already marketers are seeing the benefits.  Much of the ROI is the ability to conduct market research on how customers actually feel about a brand.  Users often post their personal experiences with brands and their thoughts on services offered.  Understanding what your customers are saying and what they want is extremely valuable to your business.  Brands like Taco Bell have had great success gauging customer feedback to new products.  This has offered their brand a new flexibility and wealth of customer input. Your business may not be testing new flavors and products in certain markets, but you can still benefit from conversations with users regarding your unique goods and services. Jump in and join the conversation!