Manage Your Law Firm’s Reputation Online

These days, reputation management is a growing sector of attorney marketing. The reason is that in today’s digital society, errors go viral in a matter of minutes. What lingers online could damage your business. When you Google your law firm, what comes up? If you’re finding less accolades and more about your attorneys’ online commenting behaviors, or worse, you could be in definite need for reputation management.

The key to reputation management is to be forward thinking. Your law firm may not have any bad press or bad reviews. But this doesn’t mean that they have any reputation at all. Your peers may know your law firm as dependable, but do consumers? Establish a solid and dependable reputation online before anything goes wrong and you’re stuck playing cleanup.

How Do Law Firms Manage Their Reputation Online

In a 24-7 digital world, your reputation can take decades to build and only seconds to destroy. As an attorney, your reputation is part of your selling point. It is a part of what makes consumers flock to your law firm over another. If your reputation takes a hit online, your law firm’s business could similarly suffer. Rather than watch your business dwindle and your client list shorten, manage your online reputation. Consider the following ways your law firm can practice reputation management:

Schedule a day of client testimonial videos. Videos are powerful testimonials for your law firm because consumers get to watch your clients endorse your law firm in their own words. Videos are great multimedia additions to not only your law firm’s primary website, but are also highly shareable on social media sites. Video testimonials can help you to establish a solid reputation and to maintain that solid reputation.
Ask clients to review you online. Consumers search for attorneys in a variety of places, including search engines and review sites. Prior to coming to your website, they may trust the word of reviewers in these networks, encouraging them to click or not to click on your law firm’s website. If your law firm is seeking to manage its reputation, you need to pay attention to review sites and reviews in forums like Google Places. These reviews can help or harm your reputation instantly. When you ask your clients for ringing endorsements, ask them to leave one in one of these frequently searched forums.
Use the power of the press. Were you nominated by a client for your care and attention? Publicize it. Did you win a large case? Publicize it. Law firms that work the press are able to not only establish a solid reputation, but they are also able to manage this reputation effectively. When clients Google your law firm, these press releases and articles about your high wins will come up, persuading clients to choose your law firm over another.
Work your social media. Consumers love social media. And with numbers growing in the millions, it’s a great way for your law firm to log on and to engage with consumers. It’s an opportunity to not only establish your brand, but to protect it and to encourage the positives of your brand online. These days, sites like Facebook are gaining traction as sources that consumers search for service providers. If your law firm isn’t active on these networks, you could be missing out on opportunities to not only disseminate your attorney marketing, but to also establish and manage your reputation.
Guest post. If your law firm is seeking to establish a good reputation, one of the most effective ways is to start guest posting to establish your attorneys as knowledge leaders. By framing your law firm in this manner, consumers who run across your content will view your law firm in a more favorable manner. Guest posting is a valuable opportunity that can offer you lasting links to pop up in search engine results, ensuring your law firm is constantly being talked about favorably.

If your law firm is seeking new clients, you need to be paying attention to your online reputation and managing that reputation. In today’s digital environment, pictures, text, video, and reviews can be posted in a matter of seconds, ruining your firm’s credibility, attacking your skills, and frightening clients away. Instead of enduring the pain, manage your reputation and proactively seek to establish one in which you can be proud of. For more reputation management ideas, contact the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing today.