LinkedIn’s Endangered Species Study

I’ve long believed LinkedIn to be somewhat behind on the social media revolution, usually a tepid step that professionals make when they’re not sure they want the kind of exposure that sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yelp, Youtube, and others offer.  Case in point: their recent endangered species article.  While there might be some people out there who didn’t realize old technology is often replaced by newer technology, their endangered species list seems to fit nicely among the items listed.


According to the study, there are a number of items and attitudes that are being replaced in the workplace.  This includes:

  • Tape recorders 79%
  • Fax machines 71%
  • Rolodex 58%
  • Standard working hours 57%
  • Desk phones 35%
  • Desktop computers 34%
  • Formal business attire such as suits 27%
  • Corner offices for executives 21%
  • Cubicles 19%
  • USB thumb drives 17%


In their place, there are several trends that are gaining popularity in the workplace, including:

  • Tablets 55%
  • Cloud storage 54%
  • Flexible working hours 52%
  • Smartphones 52%

It’s no surprise that these are all high ranking trends.  As technology evolves, so too do attitudes towards old technology.  It seems like much of what’s driving this is executives’ love of new technology.  Who among us can’t tell a story of someone on the executive team leaping at new opportunities to get the latest and greatest phone, or tablet as soon as it’s available?

In specialty communities, such as legal practices, some of these items will continue to linger because of their usefulness.  Many lawfirms cling to their old typewriters because court documents aren’t always easily filled out online or in pdf format. Additionally, many law firms still love to use tape recorders instead of apps to record testimony.  Having tangible proof is often preferred given the lack of technical sophistication of many courts.

As trends continue to emerge, we at WebShark will continue to report them. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve so our customers dominate the marketplace.