Lessons from CES: Being Connected is the ‘New’ Attorney Marketing

If you love technology shows as much as we do, then you’re aware of a little show every January called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES.) This show offers technology enthusiasts everything under the sun from new products to fantasy concept devices and panel discussions on how these products will best be used in business. As a takeaway, you too can apply the lessons and themes of this show to your attorney marketing.

This year’s show focused heavily on being “connected.” And as a lesson to take away from the show, you should be asking yourself how similarly “connected” you are to your clients. Is your attorney marketing focusing on connecting you to your desired clients? And are you following up with these clients to remain connected as another facet of attorney marketing?

Use Your Attorney Marketing to Connect You to Your Clients

Today’s technology allows us to be connected like never before. And it allows us to integrate technology, attorney marketing, and customer service in one shot. If you’re still pursuing these as separate efforts, you’re missing opportunities to enhance your value to clients. Consider the following ways in which you can increase your connectivity and enhance your attorney marketing:

Proactively address customer service issues. It takes little effort to proactively reach out to your customers and ask them if there’s anything more that your firm could do to help them. But the gains will be immense. Happy clients refer other clients and take to forums like social media to express their happiness. This is the form of attorney marketing that you want, creating organic connections. At the end of the case, you can also approach these happy clients, asking them to write reviews, to write a testimony, and submit pictures. All of these customer service efforts can amount to big attorney marketing gains when you consider how many happy clients you may have reviewing you online and submitting testimonies to add to your website.
Connect your law firm to clients in the cloud. Today’s client often wonders what is being done on their case. If your law firm can show them in a client only intranet system, your law firm could position itself as forward thinking, transparent, and a leader in the industry. Consumers are used to being connected, and they often choose services that will allow them to remain connected to information. By offering this ability, your attorney marketing experiences gains based in real world communicated value.
Connect to your clients in social media. Are you friends with your clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? If you’re not, you may be missing an opportunity to truly engage with your clients, to obtain glowing reviews, and to gain inside information about what clients actually want from their law firm. But this also offers you the ability to share your attorney marketing with your clients’ friends and associates. Changes to search engine algorithms now prioritize businesses you are connected to. When you extend your connections, you extend the reach of your attorney marketing on search engines as well.
Enhance your website for mobile marketing. Today, consumers use mobile devices to search for businesses 72% of the time, according to Google. And 79% of consumers say that when they visit sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, they move along and continue to search for sites that are optimized for mobile. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, you are undermining your attorney marketing efforts. Optimize your site to connect to potential clients no matter the device they use.

Technology continues to evolve and shape the marketing landscape. This includes attorney marketing. If your law firm isn’t pursuing a strategy of connectivity, then you are likely missing opportunities and potentially leaving money on the table. By addressing these issues, you are able to enhance your value and support your attorney marketing. Try connecting to your clients today and discover how much your law firm can benefit from this attorney marketing strategy.