Law Firms without Mobile Sites Could Be Turning Away Clients

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve got multiple mobile devices from a smart phone to a tablet.  Ever consider that if your law firm’s site isn’t optimized for mobile that you may be turning clients away without knowing it?  Can your law firm afford to turn clients away?  If so, you may not be in business for very long.

Law firms seeking to remain competitive cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing strategies.  In an already saturated market, attorneys are literally available on nearly every virtual corner.  Don’t believe me? Try searching for an attorney in your area of practice in your metropolitan area.  Unless you’re living in a very small town, the chances are you’ll be pulling up 10 to 1,000 different results.  If you want to increase your chances of being the law firm that users choose first, you have to consider how they’re searching for you.

How Popular is Mobile Searching

It’s no secret that Americans love their freedom.  And handheld or mobile devices allow great freedom to talk, check emails, and search from anywhere.  These devices are major sellers in stores and Americans are eager adopters of the technology.  According to the Pew Research Center’s study, Internet and American Life Project, approximately 44% of Americans own a smart phone and 22% of Americans own a tablet.   This same study estimates 90% of these users check email and surf the web.  But when they surf, are they searching the web for products or services?

According to Shareaholic, 16% of these people are actively searching for goods and services online.  Google estimates that internet users in general are 67% more likely to purchase from sites optimized for mobile searches. Yet only 26% of businesses’ websites are optimized for mobile devices.   As a frequent mobile searcher myself, I know that if a business’ page takes too long to load or won’t display correctly, I move on to your competitor in approximately 2 taps of my finger. How many taps of consumers’ fingers fleeing your law firm’s website will convince you to optimize for mobile?

Law Firms Can Optimize their Sites to Attract Clients

The bread and butter of a law firm’s business is attracting clients who want to pay for their services.  Without any clients, a law firm won’t be in business for very long.  So it’s important to reach out to consumers in multiple ways in the hopes of converting them into paying clients.  To increase your chances, you should consider optimizing your law firm’s website for mobile.  Try the following techniques to attract customers:

  • Optimize for speed.  Mobile users want to find something and they want it now.  They’re not looking for dynamic graphics and music.  They want a fast loading page with the information they need now.  Websites that load quickly attract mobile users’ interest because they don’t have to wait to see if the page will eventually load.  If you keep your visuals low resolution, you can decrease page loading time and increase your likelihood of reaching mobile clients with your website.
  • State your most important information upfront. Mobile users are searching for you to solve a particular problem.  So tell them upfront that you are X firm who specializes in X law. We are available at this phone number, this address, and this email. Mobile users are far more likely to respond to this arrangement than mobile sites who publish it at the bottom or on a separate page.
  • Use simple calls to action.  Keeping the speed in mind, mobile users don’t read paragraph upon paragraph of text.  Don’t bury the lead.  Tell consumers up front what you want them to do.  Call now to claim your free case evaluation.  Click here to get your question answered by a top attorney.  These are simple calls to actions that mobile consumers understand and can easily follow.  Try coming up with your own call to action to reach mobile users.
  • Remember, it’s a small screen. Mobile devices have small screens.  So keep the text large and brief. Keep the visuals low resolution, and the directories simple.  Think minimalist, not clutter.

Law firms are notoriously behind the times, but if you listen to us, you could be the pace car instead of trying to keep up.  Don’t let potential clients move on to your competitor because they can’t find what they need from you quickly.  Embrace mobile optimization and attract the mobile users you need.