Is Your SEO Team Doing a Poor Job?

When it comes to attorney marketing and SEO, many firms consider themselves experts.  Unfortunately, few actually understand the basics behind not only attorney marketing, but how to obtain link profiles of which your law firm can be proud.  But does your law firm understand how to evaluate your SEO team?  How do you know if your SEO team is doing a poor job?

With search engine penalties, or worse, Bar penalties to worry about, your law firm needs to know how its attorney marketing and SEO is being performed.  If your SEO firm can’t clearly articulate the sources of the links its obtaining or the results of your SEO, your law firm should be concerned.  Let’s discuss the ways in which your law firm can evaluate whether your SEO firm is taking good care of your attorney marketing and SEO.

Evaluate Your SEO Work

SEO firms like to promise the world to clients, but sometimes the results just don’t match up.  Maybe it’s time you took a deeper look at your SEO firm’s work.  Let’s consider the following ways in which your law firm can evaluate its SEO:

  • Investigate your link profile.  When you look at your Alexa ranking, it will list the sites linking to your law firm’s website.  What are those sites? If you’re noticing a ton of low quality links from questionable sources, you may be heading towards a penalty from the search engines. Ask your SEO firm where they’re obtaining links so you can be sure you don’t incur penalties.
  • Search out your business’ name.  One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of your SEO work is to search your business’ name in search engines. If you’ve got a list of questionable comments that mention your law firm instead of content, you are likely receiving poor quality SEO work.
  • Check your law firm’s site ranking.  There are many fine free page rank checkers online which can tell your law firm whether or not your SEO is working.  The higher your number on a scale of 1 to 10, the better your ranking.  If your website’s rank is at 0, 1, or 2, your SEO doesn’t appear to be working very well. Keep an eye on any jumps in ranking that your law firm’s website experiences.
  • Are you reviewed? Do you have any endorsements or reviews online? If not, your SEO firm may not be engaging in reputation building and reputation management.  These days, reviews are quite valuable to law firms seeking new clients.  Your SEO firm should be able to obtain a multitude of reviews for your law firm to help you attract more consumers.
  • Examine your content. A good SEO firm should be creating top notch content for your law firm.  If you don’t have a variety of strong content out there, your attorney marketing and your SEO may be suffering.  How is your law firm supposed to obtain top rankings without something to push to the top?
  • Position in directories.  Directories are still an effective method to obtain links for your law firm.  And they are often used by consumers looking for lawyers that specialize in matters in which they need help.  If your law firm isn’t present in any directories, you could be missing out on opportunities.

If your law firm is paying big bucks and obtaining poor results, your law firm is in need of better SEO.  Try calling eLaw Attorney Marketing today to obtain the attorney marketing and SEO help you need.