Is Your Law Firm’s Website Helping or Harming Your SEO

If I told you your website could help or harm your search engine optimization (SEO,) would you believe me? Unfortunately, many law firms who want to improve their rankings just don’t take their website’s quality under consideration. These days, search engines are focused upon providing the most valuable results to users’ search queries. That means only the best attorney marketing will be put front and center in the eyes of consumers. If you’re not concerned with your law firm’s website quality, you could be undermining your SEO efforts right off the bat. By pursuing quality, law firms can enhance their SEO, increasing the likelihood that users will find the site and their attorney marketing. Not sure if your site might be undermining your SEO efforts? Let’s audit your law firm’s website to determine whether your website is helping or harming your SEO efforts.

In the Pursuit of Excellence

Once upon a time, it was possible for low quality websites to shoot to the very top rankings of search engines with little value to offer internet users. As consumers got smarter about searching and the results they obtained, search engines got smarter about determining which sites were the most valuable. Google may dominate the search engine world, but they’d like to remain at the top of the pile so that means they aggressively pursue excellence. If you don’t want to watch your law firm’s web rankings plummet, you should be concerned about pursuing excellence as well. How does your website stack up to the following quality indicators:

Informative, engaging. Does your law firm’s website provide content that people like to read? Have you informed, entertained, or persuaded your readers with your attorney marketing content? If your website’s content turns people off instead of reeling them in, you might want to up the quality of your writing. If you need some help, eLaw Attorney Marketing can help write attorney marketing content for your law firm’s site that includes effective calls to action and entertaining yet informative content. The more relevant your attorney marketing content and the more it compels users to interact, the higher quality your website. Strive to help your SEO with a top notch law firm website instead of harming it.
Optimized correctly. Is your law firm’s site optimized for mobile and for SEO? If you’re missing these key elements, you could be undermining your website’s SEO efforts. Are the title tags and meta tags stuffed? Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your website’s construction or you may find that you’re undermining your SEO efforts.
Is it crawlable? Search engine bots can’t crawl and index flash images. If your law firm’s website is all flash and no substance, it’s likely that the bots don’t know what to make of it. It’s important to make your website crawlable so it’s properly indexed in search engines. If your law firm’s site isn’t indexed properly, your attorney marketing is likely falling on deaf ears. Further, your SEO just won’t work on the site.
Does it load quickly? One of the indicators of a quality site is its load time. If it’s not loading correctly and taking too long, it’s possible that search engines may determine your website to be of poor quality and lower its rankings. Focus on providing a fast dynamic experience to users and you are more likely to be able to help your SEO.
Easy to use. Websites that are easy for internet users to navigate are usually thought to be of higher quality. If your law firm’s website is needlessly complex and hard to navigate, you may be turning users off. A difficult to navigate law firm website can harm your SEO because users will view it as lower quality.

Pay Close Attention to Your SEO Goals

When it comes to your SEO efforts, a poorly conceived and executed site could significantly undermine your law firm’s SEO, causing your firm’s website to suffer in the rankings. Strive to improve your website in order to support your SEO. Remember, search engines want to provide users with quality relevant and valuable content. When you make these your goals, you are more likely to achieve your SEO goals and to get your attorney marketing into the hands of consumers. Keep your SEO goals in mind as you audit your law firm’s website. If you’re making the mistakes described above, it’s likely that your SEO is not operating at its most effective.