Is Your Law Firm Failing at Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks today and attracts millions of users to pin visuals that drive traffic to brands.  As one of the top referrers of traffic online today, businesses have flocked to Pinterest to start pinning away for links.  And then came the law firms.  As is usual with attorney marketing, there is ample opportunity to try and recreate what another business is doing only to fail.

Pinterest is a visual medium.  If you’re approaching this medium without a clear understanding of what that means, where its value lies, or how to begin, you may be doing your law firm’s attorney marketing a disservice.

Don’t Be THAT Guy

When it comes to Pinterest attorney marketing, we’ve seen some doozies of the few law firms that are present online.  What a shame that more law firms don’t take advantage of this medium since it is responsible for huge traffic gains in businesses.  But for those brave law firms who have extended their attorney marketing to Pinterest, congratulations you’ve taken the plunge.  Now let’s examine what not to do.  Don’t be THAT guy and make these Pinterest attorney marketing mistakes:

  • You don’t pin anything. You’ve created the account, your name is at the top of a board, now what? You forgot to pin something.  Your attorney marketing can’t work here if you don’t follow the basics.  To succeed in attorney marketing on Pinterest, you need to get visual.  Start pinning items to tell the visual story of your law firm.
  • You’ve committed copyright infringement. Often, the issue of copyright infringement comes up when law firms employ someone else to do their attorney marketing on Pinterest.  Some people just don’t understand the legal issues at play.   You can repin items, but if you claim an image you did not create or license as your own, you could be infringing on someone else’s copyright. Don’t misuse Pinterest and find a Cease and Desist letter in the mail. Pin items and give credit for image ownership.
  • You are pinning off brand. As a form of attorney marketing, you want your boards and pins on Pinterest to reflect your law firm’s spirit. As much as we all love arts and crafts, they’re off brand.  Unless you’re pinning them to a person’s personal board, it’s best to leave them off of your law firm’s Pinterest. Stay on brand and on message instead.  Highlight your attorney marketing message with visuals that compel people to visit your site and pick up the phone. Keep your law firm’s brand in front of consumers with attorney marketing on Pinterest and enjoy gains in traffic and clients later.
  • You put your link on every single repin.  It’s generally considered poor form to slap your law firm’s link on every single pin that you repin.  If your Pinterest attorney marketing consists of nothing but links on other people’s images, you’re doing it wrong.  Consumers will consider your images nothing but spam and move along.  Don’t be THAT guy and spam consumers with your attorney marketing.
  • You haven’t encouraged others to follow you or interact. The point of social media is to interact with others.  If you’re not interacting and encouraging others to follow you, then you’re missing the point of Pinterest attorney marketing. You need to reach out, like, follow, and repin to create relationships.  Converting Pinterest followers into paying clients is a function of the relationships you create as much as it’s a function of your Pinterest attorney marketing content.

Pinterest is a vast social network that offers law firms the ability to reach millions of users.  If your law firm isn’t active on Pinterest, or if it’s failing at its attorney marketing on Pinterest, you are in need of an attorney marketing strategy review. Call eLaw Attorney Marketing today and we’ll audit your current attorney marketing strategies.