Is Your Law Firm Concerned with the Wrong SEO Strategy?

As law firms increasingly fight for consumer attention, many have begun to add SEO to their attorney marketing strategy.  As you can imagine, this creates fierce competition for the same resources.  But, we can’t all rank as top Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.  Nor can we all rank as best DUI attorney.  Given the fierce competition to rank highly in search phrases that attorneys believe consumers are searching, it makes sense to take a step back and reevaluate your SEO strategy.  If your attorney marketing SEO strategy doesn’t have you ranked highly, you could be wasting your efforts.  It’s time to get real and ask yourself, are you pursuing the wrong SEO strategy?

Don’t Pursue the Same Failed SEO Strategies

The problem with attorney marketing SEO strategies is that they generally take on the same form.  There is very little variation among law firms because they often compete for the same perceived high value keywords, utilize the same often misunderstood SEO concepts, and in turn, receive the same results they always will.  Be bold and break out of the hum drum attorney marketing SEO pattern. Instead, reevaluate your attorney marketing SEO strategy to position yourself above the rest.  Consider doing the following:

  • Pursue question based SEO keywords.  When consumers type queries into search engines, they often type questions.  Where do I obtain a cheap divorce? How can I get out of my speeding ticket? How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?  Most law firms ignore these question based searches and instead think they should be focusing on short keywords like best dui attorney Los Angeles. Instead of fighting and losing in an already competitive space, try shifting your focus to question based searches.  With few law firms paying attention to these search terms, your law firm has an opportunity to rank highly every time with the right attorney marketing SEO.
  • Focus on the local.  Let the large national law firms try to rank for every keyword nationally.  It’s time for you to think locally.  If your law firm is situated in a large market, say Los Angeles, you may not want to compete for the same high value keyword strings that every other Los Angeles based attorney pursues. Instead, try breaking it down into more specific local regions.  Think Los Feliz personal injury attorney, Chinatown personal injury attorney, Koreatown personal injury attorney, not Los Angeles personal injury attorney.  Consumers often search for services associated with their very specific local region and when this is unavailable, they tend to search for larger metro regions like Los Angeles. If your law firm can be present in these smaller local region keyword searches, your attorney marketing SEO will be that much more effective.
  • Don’t forget to get social! Are you tying your attorney marketing SEO back to your social media? No? You should be.  Not only should you  be sharing your content socially, but you should also be labeling your content (blogs, pictures, videos) with the correct SEO terms and trying to further boost traffic to your SEO content. No attorney marketing tool works in a vacuum.  They work symbiotically.  If you’re not using social to help boost your attorney marketing SEO content, you could be doing your law firm a huge disservice and missing out on opportunities.
  • Focus on building lasting links, not the cheap and easy links.  If your attorney marketing SEO strategy focuses on comment spam, buying old websites to exploit, using link farms, and endless no follow comments, you’ve entered into black hat SEO territory which is notorious for incurring penalties once discovered and for shaky results at best.  Don’t pursue these shady attorney marketing SEO tactics. Instead, focus on building sustainable links that come from valuable attorney marketing content generation, earned relationships, and press.  Cheap and easy links disappear quickly.  Or worse, if by chance your law firm’s comment spam comes up when your name is entered into search engines, you could be negatively associated with these comments.

When it comes to attorney marketing SEO, you can’t open your email without seeing messages from SEO companies promising big gains with little to no explanation of how this will be achieved. If you hang your hat on attorney marketing SEO strategies, know who you’re dealing with and what strategies your law firm will be pursuing so your law firm is able to rank well and gain consumer interest consistently. Do your research. Firms like eLaw Attorney Marketing are happy to help you with real ethical attorney marketing SEO that won’t violate any Bar rules or negatively affect your law firm.