Is Your Law Firm Branding its Attorney Marketing Wrong?

When it comes to ensuring the success of your law firm, every attorney knows you need to engage in a fair amount of branding.  But this often misunderstood marketing concept usually falls short when it comes to attorney marketing.  Many attorneys realize you need a logo for your law firm and a name, but if you’ve stopped there, you’re doing it wrong.  Branding requires much more than simply a pretty logo.  Let’s examine the common branding mistakes that attorneys make with regards to their attorney marketing.

Attorney Marketing Branding Fails

When it comes to attorney marketing, there are a lot of cringeworthy examples to examine.  The phrase you’re doing it wrong is one that we’re often compelled to utter when viewing these fine specimens.  If you’re in doubt, perhaps you should give your attorney marketing a review to ensure you’re branding your law firm correctly.  Let’s examine common attorney marketing branding mistakes to teach us what not to do:

  • Competing campaigns.  If you’re operating under the idea that if one branded campaign is good, two is better, then you could be doing your law firm a disservice.  When law firms split their attorney marketing brands, they often don’t realize they’re forcing their attorney marketing campaigns to compete against one another. Instead of releasing two at once, try merging your attorney marketing streams to support a campaign across platforms with slightly different aspects.  You can have a social media contest that your law firm promotes on its website and in its attorney marketing blogs and materials.  But if you pit this contest against another arm of your business’ campaign, then you divide consumer attention between the two and risk undermining both efforts.
  • Split the brand. Do you have one law firm that you’re trying to promote as two separate entities? If so, your law firm is splitting its brand, undermining its attorney marketing efforts.  Sometimes, law firms decide that while they want to be known for one kind of law, they also want to practice another kind of law without taking focus away from the primary brand.  You can create comprehensive brands that present multiple aspects of law without creating two separate law firms to promote them.  When you market your law firm in this manner, you split the brand and force the two to compete for your law firm’s attorney marketing dollars, time, attention, and website traffic.  Merge the two ideas but do so under a brand that defines your position in the marketplace better.
  • Focusing solely on advertising. In this day and age, advertising is something that consumers are used to tuning out.  Deemed interruptive marketing, this form of attorney marketing seems like it would attract the most clients, but it does not.  As Google says, pay per click advertising attracts 25% of total traffic whereas organic searches attract the most.  In print advertising, consumers are used to mindlessly flipping past the advertisements and focusing on the content in articles instead. If your law firm is focusing too much on branded advertisements, you could be missing out on business.
  • Not properly segmenting your audience. Some law firms appear to do it all.  These law firms try to take every case that walks in through the door.  If your law firm has many different specialty departments, then you may consider branding separate campaigns that don’t compete with one another.  But if your law firm wants to present itself in its attorney marketing as a firm that is all things to all people, chances are you won’t be reaching even a sliver of the people all of the time.  The key to attorney marketing is to know your audience and to play to that specific audience.  Trying to reach everyone with the same calls to action, tag lines, slogans, and pictures could lose almost all of your audience and render your attorney marketing ineffective.

These are just a few of the popular attorney marketing mistakes we see.  If your law firm is committing any of these cardinal attorney marketing sins, you may want to scrap those ideas and start fresh.  Call eLaw Attorney Marketing today for the branding expertise you need.