Is Your Law Firm at Risk From New Google Panda and Penguin Updates?

Over the past year and a half, many good law firms have suffered a series of plunges in their website traffic. As some of those firms are just starting to rebound, Google has announced that it will release new Panda and Penguin updates in 2013. Continually updating their algorithms, Google is seeking to increase the value of results offered to consumers. If your law firm is still pursuing outdated SEO technologies, you could be at risk.

Don’t Pursue Risky SEO Strategies

These successive algorithm updates are intended to catch and punish websites that offer thin results and poor quality content. If your law firm’s website is making any of these critical mistakes, you could suffer penalties that will drive your traffic down. Before it’s too late and your attorney marketing begins to suffer, find out which strategies not to pursue:

Buying links. It seems incredibly easy to buy links that can boost your website higher in the rankings. Except that it’s not a smart move. Google has identified several link networks and penalized them and their clients for trying to exploit their system. Recently, Matt Cutts has stated that Google will aggressively pursue these link networks and penalize users they link to. Law firms seeking to boost their attorney marketing would do well to steer clear of these link networks or they may suffer the consequences.
Lean content. Websites that feature lean content are not viewed as valuable to consumers browsing search engines. If your law firm isn’t offering enough valuable information to consumers, your site could get penalized for it. Law firm websites which offer pages of short paragraphs of information are often not deemed valuable in the eyes of consumers and therefore could incur search engine penalties.
Duplicate pages with subtle keyword differences. If your law firm is creating largely similar pages to target subtle variations of keywords, you could suffer penalties. These are often viewed by search engines as an effort to exploit search engine results. Duplicate pages aren’t deemed valuable to consumers so your law firm should avoid this tactic.

The new Panda and Penguin updates are coming soon. If your law firm is stuck pursuing failed SEO policies, you should adjust your SEO strategies now. Don’t surrender your traffic to penalties. Instead, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing for help.