Is Your Attorney Marketing Stalled?

Often, we hear the same story from law firms. They’ve taken out some advertisements, put up the occasional blog or social media post and it seems their attorney marketing has stalled completely all of a sudden. What happened? Why did their attorney marketing stop working?
When it comes to attorney marketing, many law firms are at a loss. Attorneys are not necessarily adept marketers. Often, attorney marketing strategies are incomplete at best. If your law firm is finding its attorney marketing stalling, then perhaps its time for an overhaul of your attorney marketing.

Creating a Winning Attorney Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating a winning attorney marketing strategy, there are a lot of moving pieces. The key is to create a winning strategy that balances your efforts and maximizes your return on investment. If you’re spending big bucks but getting nowhere, you need to adjust your strategy. Similarly, if you are spending hours a day creating content for your attorney marketing that just isn’t being found and isn’t converting, then you need to adjust your strategy. Consider the following necessary elements of a winning attorney marketing strategy and how your law firm can best use them to its advantage:

Content marketing. In attorney marketing and internet marketing in general, the big buzz word is content marketing. The idea behind content marketing is that your law firm publishes original content that will capture consumers’ attention and entice them to click onto your website to find out more about your law firm’s services. This content could include blogs, white papers, social media pictures and videos, you name it! The internet runs on content, so if your law firm wants to be seen, you must pursue a strategy that brings consumers to your website and entices them to sign up with your firm. If your attorney marketing lacks a content marketing strategy, you likely won’t be able to continually attract consumers to your law firm’s website.
Public Relations. Public relations is an incredibly effective tool of attorney marketing. It is a conversation with your stakeholders, including your target customers. When law firms use public relations, they are able to attract more consumers to their website and they are able to advertise their good works to their peers. This encourages not only traffic to the website, but valuable back links which are used to help boost your law firm’s link profile and raise your rankings. Public relations is seen as incredibly valuable in part because consumers trust it more than they trust slick advertisements. This cost effective marketing tool is often a game changer, allowing small law firms to compete with the larger law firms.
SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part of attorney marketing. Using SEO, law firms are able to increase the chances that their content is found online. When consumers search online, they often type in keywords to find the content they desire. With SEO, your law firm is able to target these keywords and rank highly for them in internet searches. Ranking highly in these searches encourages consumers to find you online, and this encourages new business.
Visual marketing. Visual marketing is a new buzzword among attorney marketers, and marketers in general. This growing medium encourages a visual conversation with your target audience and gains approximately 65% more attention than written communications alone. Using visual marketing, law firms are able to attract consumers to their website based solely on the videos, pictures, and infographics that they create.
Social media. Social media is responsible for over 39% of internet traffic today, according to Pew Research’s ongoing studies. In this free medium, consumers search, gather information, cultivate pictures, and share recommendations and reviews. When law firms are active in these mediums, they may not see an obvious increased engagement. But often, even users who don’t interact on law firms’ pages seek out their information and later visit law firms’ websites. This effective medium is able to drive traffic to law firms’ websites and convert consumers into paying clients.
Advertising. Whether online or in print, advertising can bring in new leads for your law firm. However, it should not be your sole attorney marketing technique. Google says that only 25% of internet users alone click on advertisements. And consumers have been trained to tune out much of the advertising they see these days. But law firms, like any business, need to appeal to people where they congregate, both online and offline. By pursuing a healthy advertising strategy in conjunction with your other attorney marketing efforts, your law firm can ensure that it effectively reaches a healthy mixture of consumers.

Upgrade Your Attorney Marketing

If your attorney marketing has stalled, it’s time for you to sit down and realistically audit your attorney marketing efforts. It’s possible that you need to increase your efforts in some areas and decrease your efforts in others. Upgrade your attorney marketing today so you can continue to attract the maximum amount of consumers to your website to convert them effectively into paying clients. If you find your efforts are stalled, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing for some help and we’ll get you going on the right path!