Is Your Attorney Marketing Lacking a Strategy?

When it comes to attorney marketing, many law firms just jump into using tools. What they don’t realize is they’re often missing an overall strategy for their attorney marketing. Often elusive to businesses, a marketing strategy holds these tools and tactics together and provides a rudder to guide your attorney marketing efforts. If your law firm can’t clearly communicate the strategy that these tools are supporting, your law firm could be missing out on opportunities to ensure more successful attorney marketing. Yes, your law firm can determine the successes and failures of individual tools your attorney marketing has utilized, but can it tie these together for an overarching strategy? How do these tools combine to position your firm amongst your competitors and how does your attorney marketing messaging relate back to that?

Choose Your Attorney Marketing Strategy Carefully

When it comes to strategy, it’s not simply a case of deciding your law firm wants to be the best. In fact, as an end goal, it is still too broad. But strategy is more about tying objectives to techniques, tactics, and messaging. All of your attorney marketing efforts should be considered and viewed through the lens of the overall strategy. How do they all relate to one another? If your law firm is unclear about its attorney marketing strategies, consider the following strategies you should be paying attention to:

Market dominance strategies– Market dominance strategies aren’t necessarily cut and dry. While it seems easy to say that yes, your law firm wants to dominate the marketplace, can you identify how it will do so strategically? Is your law firm a leader, a challenger, seeking to dominate a niche area of the marketplace, or struggling to follow the rest of your peers? Depending upon your role and your desired role, your strategy will be very different. Market dominance strategies are not one size fits all. If your attorney marketing is one size fits all, you need to hire a firm that gets it and can deliver more than a bundle of tactics.
Integration strategies– Integration strategies focus on growing the firm. How will your firm integrate new firms or businesses into its current business model? How will your firm grow regionally or nationally? Depending upon your integration strategy, your attorney marketing will differ radically from previous attorney marketing strategies.
Diversification strategies– Diversification strategies focus upon growing your law firm with increased sales. How your law firm achieves these increased sales under a diversification strategy will be by pursuing new areas of law or new regions. Under a diversification strategy, your attorney marketing would seek to position itself in new markets and to obtain recognition for its new products.
Warfare strategies– In some cases, law firms may want to launch a warfare strategy to defend its position in the market or to support your law firm’s profits. In these cases, your law firm would be seeking to cut down on losses, leveraging your attorney marketing to do so.

When it comes to your attorney marketing, your law firm needs to decide upon its business goals and strategies. Absent a strong attorney marketing strategy, your law firm could be missing significant opportunities or pursuing the wrong tools. If your current attorney marketing strategies can’t be defined, you could be doing your law firm a severe disservice. For the attorney marketing help you need, call eLaw Attorney Marketing today. Our talented team of attorney marketers can help your law firm to establish a clear and consistent attorney marketing strategy.