Is Your Attorney Marketing Content High Quality

When it comes to attorney marketing, many attorneys think they’ve got it all figured out. They went through years of schooling and can write well. So they must be able to produce high quality content. Right? Er, not so much. The reality is, that while you may be an excellent writer, you may not be producing content designed to convert website visitors into paying clients.

Writing content for internet marketing is difficult for many businesses. And to write content specifically for attorney marketing can be even more difficult. Consumers are a very fickle bunch and require very specific needs. If you’re not used to writing attorney marketing content for an audience with the attention span of a toddler, you may not be producing optimal content to convert clients. It’s time to get real and to give your website an audit on its attorney marketing content.

How to Analyze Your Website Content for Quality

When you read through your website, you understand it. You know these legal issues inside and out. Obviously, you’re a star attorney marketer. Or are you? There are many ways in which you need to analyze your site from an attorney marketing standpoint. When you sit down to audit your website, it’s important to keep the following in mind:
Tone and theme. Who are you writing your attorney marketing content for? Is your tone and theme appropriate to the subject matter? Will consumers believe you’re sincere? Do you come off as an oily snake oil salesman? Or do you come across as informative, helpful, and compassionate? Your tone and theme are your law firm’s introduction to potential clients. How you communicate on your website will create your law firm’s first impression. Make it a good one.
Appeal. Does your content appeal to users? Are you informative, helpful, entertaining? Or are you spammy, dry, or too high brow for your audience? Consider how viewers might read your content. If you had no interest in the law, would you click out of your law firm’s website or would you stay to read more?
Value. Let’s be honest here, did your content answer a consumer’s potential questions? Does your attorney marketing content provide a detailed understanding of the potential legal issue, the consequences, challenges, or benefits? Consider the value your content offers your readers. If consumers find no value in your content, you likely will have a challenging time trying to convert them into paying clients.
Understanding. Will your audience understand your attorney marketing content? Consider that people from all walks of life may read your content. This includes people who didn’t finish high school, college graduates, people whose first language may not be English. Does your writing easily reach these people? What if people have no legal background at all? You can’t expect that everyone has at least a basic working knowledge of any legal term or issue. If you haven’t considered these, the odds are pretty strong that you’re not reaching your intended audience.
Calls to action. When consumers are done reading your material, do they know what to do next? Are they supposed to click on this link, call your office, or send in a form? Did you lead them down the path and just forget about them? You can’t take it for granted that consumers will know the logical next step is to call you to obtain your legal services. You have to lead them to the conclusion and tell them how to contact you.
Search engine optimization. Is your attorney marketing content optimized for search engines? Did you include any keywords that you want to be associated with your law firm? Is your content structured to highlight these keywords? Are you effectively using meta tags, titles, url’s, and page titles? On site SEO is difficult to write if you’re not familiar with the important elements. Often, this is a huge stumbling block for law firms trying to do all of their own attorney marketing.
Do you have client conversion forms? Forms are an excellent way for consumers to get in contact with your law firm. Often, it is a preferred method to contact attorneys advertising online. If you don’t have a contact form on your page, you could be losing your leads in the sales funnel. Place a contact form on your law firm’s website to encourage client conversion. Gather the details your law firm needs to convert this interested consumer into a client.

When it comes to producing high quality content for attorney marketing, many attorneys are surprised to learn that they’ve missed the mark. It’s understandable that this is not an intuitive skill, but rather one learned over time. When you have your content down, then you can move on to important pieces like the lead conversion process. But it all begins with quality attorney marketing content. For more help with your attorney marketing content, call eLaw Attorney Marketing.