Is Brief Content Better Content

One of the staples of online attorney marketing is content marketing.  Generally, marketers strive to publish relevant content in a variety of forums- blogs, sites that publish articles, social media, you name it.  But in today’s 140 characters or less instant gratification society, there’s a growing trend towards brevity.  Attorneys love to wax on about subjects but do consumers embrace this style? A growing body of evidence suggests internet users are looking for brief amounts of easily digestible information.

Play to the Internet Audience and Keep it Brief

You could make a strong case that the internet audience prefers its content short but sweet.  In today’s sound bite culture, we scan pages now for headlines, tags, bullet points, or just the gist of things.  Today’s online audience takes less time to read large blocks of text and tends to click through to other pages instead. Often, as attorney marketers, you become aware that you have a very limited time and space to reach your intended audience.  How do you communicate with visitors all your wonderful attributes and the reasons why they should choose your services without sacrificing quality? And how do you avoid losing your desired internet audience?

  • Insert pictures or graphics with statistics that might be less interesting
  • Highlight your most relevant information
  • Break your text down into digestible sizes
  • Boldly present your marketing taglines upfront
  • Write online marketing content like an elevator pitch- short, sweet, memorable
  • Keep your content as relatable to your desired internet audience as possible and save the minutiae or high brow legal discussions for another forum

Remember, the Internet Audience is Impatient

With so much content available on any given subject, your content should concisely deliver the intended message. A well written, organized, and thoughtful article, blog, or page on your website will outperform a rambling piece any day.  Stick to the point.  Inform and engage your desired internet audience before they hit backspace and leave.  Remember that the technology super highway often leads to wandering eyes.  So deliver your message neatly before those eyes wander to your competitor’s content instead.