Infographic: Pew Research Releases New Data on Social Media Users

Pew Research has released new data which dissects users of the most popular social media sites.  In their research study, Internet and American Life Project, Pew Research has made some interesting conclusions, some of which prove the stereotypes and some of which are surprising.  Who knew so many older Americans were active on Facebook?

  • 58% of Americans earning over $50k a year are active on LinkedIn
  • Less than 7% of Americans earning $30k a year or less are active on LinkedIn
  • 56% of Americans 50 years old + are active on Facebook
  • 19% of American female internet users are on Pinterest, compared with only 5% of American male internet users
  • 27% of American internet users aged 18-29 are on Instagram, their largest demographic
  • 66% of American internet users are active on Facebook, 70% of which are women

Using this data, business owners can tailor their marketing campaigns to better reach their core demographic.  For instance, if your legal services are tailored to women specifically, you may want to be active in the social media sites where women congregate.  And you may share vastly different content to inspire their engagement and ultimately encourage them to use your business.