Increase Your Visibility with Online Attorney Marketing

Legal search engine Lexis Nexis released a landmark study in September 2012. With bold claims that online attorney marketing reached 57% of people looking for an attorney, this study caught the attention of law firms, many of whom weren’t too sure about online marketing. Attorneys are notoriously behind the times and understandably reticent to jump on the newest marketing trends. But it’s time to embrace the power of online attorney marketing.

Let’s face it; the internet is no longer a fad. It’s become a larger part of our lives than ever before, and consumers have embraced it fully. The internet is so ingrained in our lives that it is offered on our smart phones, tablets, and yes, even in modern day home appliances. Literally, at any moment consumers could be surfing the web looking for an attorney. If you’re not present online, you could be losing opportunities to your competitors.

Online Attorney Marketing Solutions that Work

Online attorney marketing encompasses so many diverse tools that it can be hard to pinpoint which tools you need for your law firm. Dependent upon your goals, your budget, and your capacity, you may favor some strategies over others. But you need to be present online where your potential clients are. Let’s look at some of the common elements of online attorney marketing that help law firms just like yours get noticed:
Pay per click advertising. An element of outbound marketing, pay per click advertising is essentially an advertisement which charges you every time someone clicks on your ad. These splashy ads are generally used in search engines like Google, on websites you browse, and in social media networks. Advertising in this manner could be considered similar to putting up a billboard on the side of a virtual freeway.
Content marketing. This is widely recognized as one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques available. Essentially, your law firm creates content such as blogs, videos, white papers, Ebooks, newsletters to draw internet visitors to you. Based upon the perceived value of your content, your traffic increases organically.
Public relations. There’s nothing like creating a buzz about your law firm. Public relations can be a wildly successful tool of attorney marketing because your firm is essentially being highlighted in the news. From articles in the press to press releases distributed online, public relations can bring your law firm new clients and it can highlight your value to your peers, who may be looking to give referral cases.
SEO. SEO is a complex tool, but done right, it can bring massive amounts of traffic to your law firm. Essentially, SEO is focused upon generating enough quality back links to boost your law firm’s website rankings. Businesses ranking in the first 3 spots in Google obtain over 85% of web traffic, and those who aren’t found in the first page of search engine results virtually don’t exist to internet visitors.
Social media marketing. Social media has become such an integral piece of our lives that businesses have flocked to the medium. Brands which engage fans and followers in this medium tend to see higher affinity for their brand, increased brand recognition, and even higher sales because people buy from brands they trust.

If You’re Not Present Online, You Could be Missing Millions of Dollars in Revenue

Online attorney marketing offers attorneys the ability to reach clients locally, nationally, and globally. If you’re not present online, you could be missing out on huge cases. According to Lexis Nexis’ September 2012 study, the first thing people do when they’re searching for an attorney is to open up their browser and go online. If you’re not present in those top search results, you could be missing out on a steady flow of incoming cases. How much is it worth for your business to flourish? Wouldn’t it be exciting if your case load was so heavy that you had to expand your business to keep up? You won’t get that kind of business from only taking out advertisements in phone books or local newspapers. Go online with your attorney marketing and get noticed now.