Increase Social Media Engagement by Courting Your Super Fans

Social media is still new to many businesses.  And since it’s shiny new technology, people are still excited and patting themselves on the back when they accumulate large groups of fans or followers.  But how much do these groups actually participate and engage with the brand?

A recent study by Napkin Labs estimates 6% of fans actually interact with a brand via likes, follows, comments, polls, and other means. This trend was found across the board, so even having larger numbers of fans didn’t necessarily mean that businesses could escape the limited engagement. In their study of 50 high end electronics brands, Napkin Labs sought to determine the actual engagement between consumers and brands.

In businesses with 900,000 to 1 million fans, brands had 60% less engagement than brands with half or significantly less. Napkin Labs found what drove engagement particularly was a group they referred to as “Super Fans.”  The top 20 of these fans had as much engagement as 75 of the rest of their fans each.  These Super Fans tended to like, share, post, and interact at much higher levels than your traditional fan.  So what does this mean for your business?

Know Your Audience: Cultivate Super Fans

From a business perspective, this data means that you as a business owner should be courting users who will essentially become brand ambassadors for your business.  These Super Fans will take the reins to like, share, comment, and engage the rest of the community, making your business appear that much better.

So how does one attract the Super Fans?

  • Focus on smart branding. Make your social media sites an extension of your website with a fresh new spin that both encourages a sense of familiarity and exclusivity among this special group.
  • Bring a human touch to your status updates.  Be personable, engaging, funny, irreverent, and let your personality shine through in your posts.  When fans can relate to you as a person, you encourage loyalty to the brand.
  • Get social and start sharing dynamic content.  Start pumping out interesting, thought provoking, funny, outlandish content.  Keep them engaged, tuned in, and coming back for more!
  • Build affinity with consistent calls to action.  Post noteworthy, valuable content with simple calls to action like watch this, click here to learn more about… and watch your fan loyalty rise.
  • Encourage fan to fan conversations.  Your brand’s page is a social community.  You want these fans to feel that they’re a part of something bigger than themselves to keep them coming back for more.
  • Ask for your fans to spread the word about your business.  Create invite friends buttons on your content that encourages fans to share with potentially new groups of consumers.

Recognize Your Super Fans

Now that you’ve got some Super Fans, recognize them.  Create a “fan of the week” highlight spot, or mention your fan specifically as a thoughtful contributor.  Shine a little internet spotlight on the people who are working as your social media ambassadors. Once you’ve got this practice down, your fans will feel like they’re a part of your team!