In 2013, Resolve to Give Your Legal Marketing a Makeover

2013 is fast approaching- do you still pursue the same old marketing techniques?  If you’re pursuing old strategies and using old techniques, you may be missing out on opportunities.  We know, you want to focus on the business of law, but if you take some time to define your new legal marketing strategies, you’ll be starting the new year right!

Instead of worrying over whether or not you’ll actually join a gym this year and stick to it, why not make some legal marketing resolutions instead?  We’ve got some great suggestions to help your legal business achieve great results.

Legal Marketing Resolutions to Make this Year

Let’s face it, legal marketing isn’t very intuitive.  If it were, every attorney entering the business would be a millionaire.  But not all legal marketing strategies are created equal.  Consider ditching the well worn strategies of the past and updating your legal marketing with some of these fresh techniques:

  • Listen to what consumers want.  Often overlooked, every new marketing campaign should begin with knowing what your desired audience wants.  What are people saying about the law firms they sign with?  Do you know what makes a client sign up with your competitor instead of signing on with you?  Is your website hard to read? Do you lack experience in their eyes? Do you appear too generic? What do consumers say about you? Do they know you exist?  Inform yourself and arm yourself with actual marketing intelligence information, not just ideas you think are true.  Go find out what consumers want.  You may be surprised.
  • Hire a firm to handle your marketing for you.  Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend all day doing the legal marketing for your firm.  What you want to do is practice law and make money.  Don’t take time away from your passion.  Let the experts with a passion for legal marketing handle it for you.  Their expertise can open up new potential avenues of business and get you featured in places you never knew could bring you business.
  • Brand yourself as well as your business.  Consumers today have access to more information than ever.  In just a few keystrokes, potential clients can find out if you really are the expert you claim to be.  Are you featured anywhere online?  Are you published? Have you won awards?  In order to market your law firm and your legal prowess, you might also want to engage in personal branding as a complimentary marketing tactic.  Consumers find their attorneys in a variety of ways and establishing yourself as a leader in the field can increase your odds of being found, being trusted, and being sought after.
  • Track your return on investment.  There are multiple tools available to do so, but when you track your return on investment (ROI,) you’ll find out what’s working for your law firm.  Once you know what’s working, you’ll be able to determine where to spend your money. Knowing the dollars and cents behind your marketing can help you to save money and increase your bottom line.

This year, instead of trying to convince yourself that you really will hit the gym 5 times a week, focus on making some legal marketing resolutions that work.  It’s time to update those strategies and take your legal marketing to the next level.